Arm Liposuction

Like so many of our most troublesome body parts, the back upper arms are prone to suffering from the effects of gravity as we age. Especially if there is fullness in the area, they tend to become flabby and drop, turning into what are sometimes referred to as “wings.”

Fortunately, arm liposuction can resolve this problem. Because time is a factor, Dr. Amron recommends liposuction earlier rather than later in life for women who have disproportionately full upper arms. Being proactive early on works: reducing the amount of fat in the area, and tightening the skin through proper technique, ensures that the area stays tight and more defined as the years go by. Dr. Amron particularly favors this approach to the problem of fatty upper arms, because the alternative – an arm lift – more often than not leaves an unsightly scar.

In general, liposuction is not a replacement for good diet and exercise. The ideal liposuction candidate is not one who is proportionately overweight, but one who, for genetic or other reasons, has stubborn fatty areas that diet and exercise cannot resolve. The upper arms commonly play host to exactly this kind of fatty area. For example, a thin person with fatty upper arms, in whose family fatty upper arms are also common, may well be a good candidate for this arm liposuction.

For more information on arm liposuction and to request a consultation, contact Dr. Amron online at or by phone at 424.394.1610. With a little help from a skilled doctor, the sleek, proportionate arms of your dreams can be yours!

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