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LA: The 5 Best Places to Go for Lunchtime Lipo

HAUTE BEAUTYNEWS    September 7, 2016
Dr. Amron answers questions on Sculpsure
Let’s face it, Los Angeles is the home of plastic surgery procedures. Because of this, everyone is constantly looking for the next best thing—the most non-invasive, the quickest, the best. Here, we’ve whittled down the craziest new weight loss procedures on the market that—yes—you can do during your lunch break (lunchtime lipo, as those in the know say). Here, we explore five procedures—and what you can expect from each.   Read More »

Dr. Amron Interviewed by KQED

Lipedema: The Fat Disorder That Millions Have But No One Has Heard Of

Dr. David Amron was interviewed by KQED, on his innovative treatment of lipedema. Ninety percent of Dr. Amron’s clientele have lipedema. They come to him for liposuction. Learn more about Marlene Simpson’s journey.

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Dr. David Amron’s Lipedema patient, Emily Bartley, interviewed for People Magazine

“Girl with Rare Disease that Causes Fat Storage in Legs Undergoes Life-Changing Weight Loss Surgery”
Gabrielle Olya, July 20, 2016
“I was so frustrated,” Bartley, now 16, tells PEOPLE. “I did end up losing about 30 lbs., but after I lost the weight, it was obvious that my legs were much bigger than the rest of me.”

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Dr. Amron featured in New Beauty Magazine

Board-certified dermatologists Dr. Amron and Dr. Ahdout are helping to advance the field of dermatology with their innovation, artistry and skill. With more than 19 years of experience, Dr. Amron combines his specialty in liposculpture with Dr. Ahdout’s niche and expertise in facial rejuvenation to offer top-quality, comprehensive care.

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The Roxbury Institute featured in Angeleno Magazine, March 2016, “Modern Luxury.”

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Dr. Amron featured in Real Life, “Celebrity Plastic Surgeons…Tell All”

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Dr. Amron interviewed by Cosmetic Town on Mini Liposuction

Written by Cosmetic Town Editorial Team– SP, April 2016

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Dr. David Amron’s Lipedema Article for

Lipedema: The Fat-Storing Disease Immune to Diet and Exercise
March 12, 2015

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Dr. David Amron was interviewed by Beauty in the Bag

Learn more about his practice and his innovative approach to treating lipedema.

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Dr. David Amron was interviewed by DermStore

Is this Rare Disease Making You Look Fat?

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Dr. David Amron was interviewed by Digital Journal

Conditions Masquerading as Fat and Obesity
By Tim Sandle, May 22, 2014 | Digital Journal

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The Disease That Causes Unusual Weight Gain in 17 Million Women

Often mistaken for obesity or unusual weight gain, one disease affects more than 17 million women nationwide, and most are unaware it’s a disease at all.

Meet Jasna, a 43-year-old female from Utah who suddenly found herself gaining a significant amount of fat in her legs and thighs.

The bizarre thing was, Jasna ate right, exercised regularly and considered herself a fairly
healthy person. But, the weight continued to pile on, and strangely, only in her legs. Feeling self-conscious about her unsightly appearance, Jasna was also in chronic pain as a result of bearing her increased weight.

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NBC Features Dr. David Amron on Lipedema Treatment

Dr. David Amron, elite dermatologic surgeon and liposuction expert of Beverly Hills, CA, was featured on Southern California NBC news Friday for his unique approach in treating lipedema, a fat storage condition impacting 17 million women nationwide. Lipedema is an often-misdiagnosed disease with no proven cure other than tumescent lymphatic sparing liposuction – a procedure most surgeons refuse to perform.

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Regularly featured on top media programs for his expertise in liposuction, Dr. Amron employs an artistic, comprehensive approach that revolves around balance, proportion and precise patient positioning during surgery. “Under local anesthesia, when the patient is awake and able to assume exact positions during the surgery, I am able to meticulously sculpt areas of the body without causing surface irregularities or dimpling for a smooth, natural-looking result,” says Dr. Amron, who has a highly regarded reputation for his skills in body contouring. Additionally, patients from around the world seek out his expertise for revision liposuction and more technical areas.

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Liposuction Evaluation and Technique

As a physician and surgeon, one of my main responsibilities is to honestly guide, educate, advise and protect my patients. I have been asked to discuss my own particular technique for liposculpture surgery and to give my opinions regarding many of the newer alternative liposuction or fat reducing procedures…
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10 Guidelines for Liposuction

To consistently achieve an outstanding result with liposculpture, the surgeon needs perfect judgment and meticulous technique. As with any cosmetic surgery, liposculpture surgery is extremely dependent on the experience and skills of the particular surgeon as any mistake in technique can adversely affect a perfect result…
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Is it Fat or is it Flab?

One of the most important things for a patient (and doctor) to understand is the difference between fat and flab. It is important to the patient because it is directly related to meeting expectations from liposuction surgery, understanding its limitations and whether they are doing surgery for the right reasons…
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Dr. Amron’s Liposuction Philosophy

As liposuction is the only major cosmetic surgery I perform, my approach to evaluating every potential candidate is taken very seriously. It is important to note that not everybody is a good candidate for liposuction. It is not about being fat or overweight. Simply put as I always say, “Liposuction is all about balancing a person’s proportions and removing genetically disproportionate areas of fat storage. It is a technique to reduce areas of fatty tissue that cannot be reduced by diet and exercise…”
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