Chest Liposuction

Most often when people speak of liposuction it sounds as though all forms of liposuction surgery are being lumped into one single category. I think many people still see liposuction as a surgery meant to focus on the abdomen alone. Of course if you ask someone where they might have liposuction they immediately realize the procedure can be performed on the thighs, the arms, hips, buttocks, and neck, as well as the abdomen.

One form of liposuction that the field has really seen explode in recent years is known as chest liposuction and it is primarily a procedure performed in men who display symptoms of a condition known as gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition characterized by excessive breast tissue in male patients that creates a slight sag or even a feminine appearance, may be accompanied by downturned nipples, and which cannot be addressed naturally even through extreme diet and exercise.

Chest liposuction is a procedure that Dr. Amron provides for a number of men who visit each year seeking a more defined and toned chest and freedom from the condition often referred to as “man boobs.” Many men report “trying absolutely everything” and still being incapable of reducing the appearance of their breasts.

Chest liposuction is a very simple and can be safely performed on most patients. The recovery is far shorter than other forms of liposuction and patients are overwhelmingly pleased with the results. The procedure is not a method of aggressive fat removal but rather addresses a specific occurrence of breast tissue, as well as small amounts of fat tissue to give men a more proportional chest and body and improve self image and self confidence.

The past several years has seen the surgery become increasingly popular among amateur and professional body builders. Even these elite athletes, after painstakingly sculpting the muscles all over the body, often cannot tackle the small amounts of fat and breast tissue present in the chest.

Dr. Amron has helped numerous male patients find satisfaction in the chest and can asses your chest and determine if you are a proper candidate for chest liposuction.



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