Liposuction Studio City

Studio City is in close proximity to the office of Dr. David Amron, liposuction specialist in Beverly Hills. Dr. Amron sees patients from all over the world. Those traveling from Studio City have the benefit of minimal travel time and professional care by a local specialist.

Liposuction is an available option to men and women of all ages and lifestyles who wish to reduce excess body fat deposits and sculpt their bodies. Dr. Amron’s Beverly Hills location is easily accessible to residents of the Southern California, and to patients visiting the region by way of major airports.

A prospective patient can expect to visit Dr. Amron’s office for a pre-operative consultation to discuss the expectations and details of the liposuction procedure. The surgery will be scheduled and the patient will return on another day for the procedure. Shortly after liposuction, the patient will be allowed to return home to Studio City. The patient will then follow up with Dr. Amron during recovery. Studio City’s close proximity to Beverly Hills makes it possible for patients to recover at home following surgery. The drive from Studio City to Beverly Hills takes about 20-40 minutes.

Directions from Studio City:
Head south on Laurel Canyon Blvd toward Maxwellton Rd. Continue onto N Crescent Heights Blvd. Turn right onto Sunset Blvd and go 0.7 of a mile and turn left onto La Cienega Blvd. Take a slight right onto Santa Monica Blvd E. Turn left onto Rodeo Drive. Take the first right onto S Santa Monica Blvd. Take a sharp left onto Wilshire Blvd. Take the first right onto Spalding Drive. Dr. Amron’s office is at 120 S Spalding Dr. #315 on the left.