Financing And Specials

Financing And Specials

We offer many choices to help you make the cosmetic improvements you want. In addition to payment via cash, check, and credit card, we partner offer the following financing plans:

Promotional Offer: 0% Financing for 6 Months



Dr. David Amron has partnered with CareCredit to offer the 0% Financing option for 6 months. CareCredit is a popular financing plan with cosmetic surgery patients nationwide. Their low monthly payment plans have no up-front costs or penalties for pre-payment. Patients can apply online or call 800-365-8295.

For more information about payment options and financing from Dr. David Amron, please contact us. Our friendly office staff is always happy to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Financing Questions

  1. Can I get a loan to cover some of the cost of liposuction or do I need to finance the full amount? You can use a loan for the full or partial amount. If you elect only to use a loan for a partial amount, you can use a credit card for the rest. It’s up to the patient how much they would like to put on their card or on a loan.
  2. Is there a fixed monthly payment? There is a minimum payment due every month but the patient can choose how much they want to make as a payment.
  3. Can I pay it off early? You can payoff your balance at any time. We do not have a pre-payment penalty.
  4. Is collateral required? No collateral is required.
  5. Is there a down payment? No down payment is required.