Get Liposuction in Los Angeles from Dr. David Amron

Approximately, half of my practice is comprised of patients outside of the Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles area. The number of international and out of town patients I see is increasing. Therefore, I offer an out of town consultation process for my patients.

The process starts with the patient filling out an evaluation form about themselves specifically, I review that to determine the best treatment plan. Next, the patient is instructed to take photographs that I review along with the evaluation form.

After reviewing the photographs and evaluation form, I make a whole treatment plan in terms of are they a candidate for liposuction and the areas I feel that are of consideration.

Often we can provide a general quote after reviewing the photographs and evaluation form. A phone consultation will be scheduled with a patient to review the quote, my treatment plan and discuss any questions.

The patient arrives in Los Angeles the day before surgery. I will evaluate the patient in person and confirm the treatment plan. I always do a through in person evaluation of a patient before finalizing my treatment plan. If I feel any alternations to the treatment plan need to be made, they will be discussed and confirmed at this time. The patient can return home 48-72 hours after the surgery.

We make it very convenient for out of town patients to get liposuction at my Beverly Hills office. My staff is very helpful to patients who don’t live in the Los Angeles area.

If you are interested in learning more about traveling to Los Angeles to get liposuction from Dr. David Amron, call his Beverly Hills office at 424.394.1610 or fill out our contact form.

Watch Dr. Amron discuss the consultation process for out of town patients


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