Revising Your Liposuction

One of the most common complications associated with liposuction is a poor result. Liposuction is a very common procedure, yet it is one of the hardest cosmetic procedures to perfect. As such, liposuction has one the highest revision rates due in large part to surgeon error.

How to Spot Liposuction Gone Wrong

With regards to liposuction gone wrong, there really are a number of factors. I do a lot of revision work, it is about half of my practice. Revision liposuction is where I am actually improving the results of other surgeons. So, I am very familiar with liposuction gone wrong in terms of results.

Many times the surgeon has taken out too much fat and been too aggressive during the liposuction procedure. Sometimes the surgeon was not aggressive enough and left a lot of fat in certain areas. Other times they have created a very unnatural shape to a person in terms of disproportion and how they balance a person’s body out.

Commonly the irregularities in terms of the skin, i.e. the indentations, ripples, etc., are what people refer to as an unnatural liposuction result. The results should always look natural from liposuction done well.

Before and after photographs are many times the main thing that patients pay attention to. I do think they are important to certain degree; however, patients need to understand that they are looking at a 2 dimensional representation of an individual, not 3 dimensionally in the way the patient’s whole body has been balanced out. Therefore, it’s hard to see the overall better proportion achieved with liposuction.

I have noticed that potential liposuction patients are often looking at photos for the most impressive results that can be attained, for example, how small the person has gotten in the treatment area. Perhaps some surgeon has really stripped an area completely of fat. In a 2 dimensional photograph it looks good, but what they aren’t appreciating is many times that it might not look so natural as you come up to that person. And they may be very upset about irregularities that are not really being seen in the photographs. The photographs are really demonstrating a silhouette.

While before and after photographs are important, people researching liposuction should use them as a guide. If the photos are bad, then it is a sign that the surgeon isn’t very good with things. However, there are a number of other things that a patient should be looking for when researching a surgeon.

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