Abdomen Liposuction

Abdomen Liposuction

Thanks to Dr. Amron, I can see my abs for the first time in my life and my love handles are a thing of the past…

Liposuction is one of oldest and most popular aesthetic procedures performed especially for a very problematic area of the body for most people…their stomach! Liposuction of the abdominal region can dramatically improve your appearance by eliminating a protruding abdomen creating a slimmer figure.

What is the Aesthetic Goal for Shaping the Abdomen (Stomach)?

Over the last three decades, there have been significant advancements in liposuction techniques which allow a skilled liposuction specialist to safely and effectively remove a large number of fat cells. Patients obtain the best body sculpting results with liposuction when they are close to their normal weight as liposuction isn’t a weight loss procedure. Liposuction should be viewed as a body contouring procedure that removes contained pockets of fat.

Who is a Good Candidate for Abdominal Liposuction?

Appropriate Patient Selection
Men and women (unless obese) have a finite set number of fat cells. These fat cells expand and contract dependent on diet and exercise/activity levels. As Dr. Amron explains, liposuction can eliminate some fat cells leaving less to expand and contract and thereby flattening the stomach. (For more information read Dr. Amron’s article, “Fat vs Flab”.)

Special Note for Women: Pregnancies, Liposuction, and Tummy Tucks

It is generally better to liposuction the abdomen prior to pregnancy. Due to better skin elasticity, Dr. Amron can choose to remove more fat. However, most women elect to have liposuction after they have had their children. In these cases, Dr. Amron’s approach is to adjust how aggressive the liposuctioning of the fat will be based on the level of skin elasticity.

When properly done, even with poorer skin tone, great improvements in reducing the fullness of this area and tighter skin tone can still be achieved. Unless the muscle and skin have become extremely loose, these patients can usually avoid a tummy tuck. Even if a tummy tuck is eventually necessary, Dr. Amron feels, and studies support, that it is safer to do these as separate procedures so a more complete final result will be achieved.

If a liposuction and abdominoplasty are both necessary, Dr. Amron will typically liposuction the abdomen first and refer his patient to an abdominoplasty specialist after several weeks of recovery.

How is Liposuction of the Abdomen Performed?

Learn more about Dr. David Amron’s Precise Liposuction Technique and Philosophy.

Dr. Amron’s approach to liposuction of the abdomen is to approach the liposuction in TWO important ways for optimal body shaping results.

Approach One: Central Abdomen
Dr. Amron’s liposuction technique begins with the upper and lower abdomen being treated as a unit. In many individuals, when only the lower abdomen is done, the upper abdomen will not tighten from the liposuction and gets looser with time. When the entire area is done as a unit, not only does it blend well, but it a stays tight and firm!

The central abdomen is prone to irregularities if not done well. Common mistakes are:

  • Approaching the abdomen from only one access point as this will increase the risk of irregularities and leave a doughnut of fat around the belly button.
  • Poking the skin with the cannula from underneath, which causes dimpling.
  • Being overly aggressive in individuals with poorer skin elasticity, causing loose, sagging skin.

Dr. David Amron is able to achieve a perfectly smooth result and skin tightening in patients with poorer elasticity by having a lot of respect for the skin. With these patients, Dr. Amron’s specialized technique is to stay deeper in the fat layer and generally be more conservative.

With all of his patients, Dr. Amron crisscrosses the tunnels from two or four directions, and then finishes with a very small spatula cannula for a smooth skin surface.

Approach Two: Upper, Lower Abdomen, Waist and Flanks / “Circumferential Torso”

Other liposuction patients have their abdomen done all the way around or “circumferential”, as these individuals’ waists essentially need to be more defined. If these patients only select a center abdomen procedure, they will look wider and flatter.

Dr. David Amron reminds his patients that their waist is one area where positioning is extremely important in order to achieve a great result. With his many years of experience and dedicated liposuction practice in Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Amron has found the best way to bring the waistline down is through precise positioning.

Dr. Amron has his patients lay on their side and hyperextend their back. This precise liposuctioning approach is from the waist from above and below, while crisscrossing the tunnels without poking the skin. It is far superior then trying to go around the waist as many other liposuction surgeons do. In those cases, the waist will not be brought down properly and, inevitably, the skin will be jabbed with the cannula tip.

What Results Can I Expect from Abdominal Liposuction?

Dr. David Amron thoroughly explains to his patients what “realistic” results they can expect from their liposuction procedure. Abdominal liposuction certainly can transform the way women and men look and feel about themselves. View Dr. Amron’s exceptional results by viewing the before and after photos of actual patients.

How Much does Abdominal Liposuction Cost?

At Expert Liposuction we understand cost is an important consideration when deciding on a liposuction doctor to perform your abdominal liposuction. Dr. David Amron is extremely fair and competitive with pricing for his liposuction surgery; however, he cautions that it should not be your major consideration in choosing a surgeon. At our specialized liposuction center, we want our patient to select us because they understand that Dr. David Amron is the best surgeon to achieve their aesthetic liposuction goals.
Our Patient Care Coordinator will thoroughly review the cost of your liposuction procedure(s) after your consultation with Dr. David Amron. (Review our Financing/Payment Plans)

How Do I Schedule a Consultation?

Dr. David Amron is pleased to offer patients a consultation. Your first step to the body or shape you desire is to schedule a consultation to discuss if you are a good candidate for liposuction of your abdominal region. Dr. Amron will discuss your aesthetic goals for body shaping and your suitability as a candidate for liposuction or alternative treatment options.

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