Hips Liposuction

Hips Liposuction

What is the Aesthetic Goal for Shaping of the Hips?

Hips Liposuction Before and After Photos
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One of the areas of the body that is quite problematic are fatty deposits in the hips. This is because the hips are especially prone to genetic fat deposits.  Unfortunately these heavy fat deposits tend to be exclusively limited to women. In Dr. David Amron’s experience, the fat settles on the outside of the hips giving women a boxy and lumpy appearance that is often referred to as “saddlebags.”

I am now just a few weeks post op, I have lost 2 inches off my hips, I know that my final results are months away. I have to say that I noticed a difference my 2nd day post op, I was taking off my compression garment to take a shower, and my big love handles had already shrunk more than 50%. I am truly happy with my results and just wish I would have done it sooner…

How is Liposuction of the Hips Performed?

At Expert Liposuction, Dr. David Amron evaluates patients interested in liposuction of their hips on an individual basis since fat deposits in the hip area vary a great deal from woman to woman in the amount of fat, thickness of the deposits, and their location. Dr. Amron advises that the body contouring must be done skillfully for best results, and the thighs and flanks must be considered so that the thighs/hip/flank area is contoured. Learn more about Dr. David Amron’s Precise Liposuction Technique and Philosophy.

Where exactly is the hip area?

Dr. Amron explains that the hips lie just below the flank toward the upper, outer area of the buttock. In most women, this area transitions into the flank area.  For this reason, Dr. Amron usually treats the hip-flank area as one unit for patients with disproportionate fullness.  These areas, as well as the outer thighs and saddlebags regions, are the most important areas to shape properly to obtain a rounder, better defined buttock.

Who is a Good Candidate for Liposuction of the Hips?

Appropriate Patient Selection
If you have large hips with localized fat deposits you may be a candidate for liposuction. Dr. Amron advises that dramatic changes can be achieved with liposuction of the hips to remove unsightly bugles due to fat under the skin.

What Results Can Be Expected from Liposuction of the Hips?

Precise liposuction of the hip-flank areas makes the buttocks look less square or boxy. The goal is to achieve a feminine contour between the waist and the buttocks. Hip liposuction patients are especially pleased that they are now able to wear slacks that aren’t loose and baggy. No more “mom jeans!”

How Much Does Liposuction of the Hips Cost?

Liposuction costs from cosmetic practice to cosmetic practice vary considerably. At Expert Liposuction, Dr. David Amron limits his practice to liposuction.  His skill and expertise are  well known as he employs a “precise liposuction technique” for all his liposuction patients. The number of areas and time, surgical fee and the associated outpatient operating room fees are factors in the overall cost.  Our Patient Care Coordinator will review the liposuction fees following your consultation with Dr. David Amron.

How to Schedule a Consultation?

Dr. David Amron is pleased to offer patients a consultation.  The first step to the body or shape you desire is to schedule a consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals and if liposuction of the hips will achieve these goals.

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