Body Areas

1. What areas do women most commonly have treated with liposuction?

The most common areas treated with liposuction on women are the abdomen, breasts, hips, outer thighs, anterior thighs, inner thighs, knees, arms, buttocks, cheeks and neck.

  • Female Abdomen
  • Female Breast Reduction
  • Chin, Cheeks, & Jowls
  • Female Hips & Waist
  • Female Outer Thighs
  • Female Inner Thighs
  • Female Knees
  • Female Anterior Thighs
  • Female Back Photos
  • Female Buttocks
  • Female Arms

2. What areas do men most commonly have treated with liposuction?

Men comprise up to 25% of liposuction patients. Men most commonly treat the chin and neck area, abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), and breasts with liposuction.

  • Chin, Cheeks, & Jowls
  • Male Abdomen
  • Male Flanks (“love handles”)
  • Male Breast Reduction

3. Can liposuction be used for female breast reduction? For male breast reduction?

Tumescent liposuction can be used for breast reduction in both women and men with very good results. Liposuction in women’s breasts typically reduces the size by 35-45% and gives the breast a noticeable lift by reducing the weight of the breasts. The skin’s natural elasticity pulls the breasts up. Recovery from breast liposuction is very quick in both males and females. Patients can usually return to work in one to three days.

  • Female breast reduction
  • Male breast reduction

4. Are there any body parts that do not respond well to liposuction?

In general, liposuction can be performed anywhere that subcutaneous fat exists within the body.

5. Can I get liposuction done on multiple body parts at once?

Liposuction can be performed on more than one part of the body in one surgery. It is common if a patient is getting two matching areas done, like the thighs or the arms, for the sake of symmetry. Large volume liposuction should be divided into multiple surgeries.