Choosing a Surgeon

1. Should the Cost of Liposuction be the Basis for my Decision?

The cost of liposuction should not be the basis for choosing a liposuction surgeon. Liposuction costs are affected by the level of experience of the surgeon. A less experienced surgeon may charge less for liposuction but he may not have the experience to do the best job or to deal with unexpected challenges during surgery. A patient should base his or her selection of a surgeon on his reputation, skill, his experience, and his ability to communicate with the patient. A patient should be comfortable asking the surgeon questions and feel confident in his ability. The cost of liposuction is an immediate concern but the results of liposuction last a lifetime. It is very important to select a surgeon based on a variety of factors, the least of which is cost.

2. What Questions Should I Ask?

It is the patient’s responsibility to ask questions and make sure that he or she fully understands the procedure, its risks, its potential results, and anything else the patient needs to know to make an informed decision. A reputable liposuction surgeon and his staff will answer any questions a patient may have about liposuction.

3. Can I Ask the Surgeon Any Questions I Want?

Yes. The patient should not feel embarrassed about asking sensitive or difficult questions. It is important that the patient is well-informed and at ease about the procedure.

4. When Do I Have To Make My Decision?

The patient should not feel rushed or obligated to make a quick decision about liposuction or a surgeon. The initial consultation with a surgeon should be used to gather information and ask questions.  Subsequently, a patient may require another consultation to ask any new questions or concerns that have arisen.

5. Will The Surgeon Answer All My Questions Before I Make a Decision?

A good surgeon should answer all the patient’s questions about liposuction in order to make the patient feel comfortable and confident in their choice of that surgeon. The surgeon’s staff may also take part in the consultation and they should also be able to answer all the patient’s questions. A patient should not trust a surgeon who is not forthcoming with answers. It can be a warning sign that the surgeon will not adequately address concerns or questions following liposuction.