Liposuction Surgeon

The most important part of preparing for liposuction is finding a well-trained, experienced liposuction surgeon. Research doctors carefully to determine how much experience they have, what their specialties are, and if they have a good reputation. References from former patients will provide valuable insight.

Choosing the right liposuction surgeon is paramount because the doctor’s level of skill and experience plays a big part in the patient’s results. A skilled surgeon will know how to shape the body properly to minimize swelling and bruising. Experience will tell him how to deal with unexpected problems or how to avoid them altogether.

Keep in mind that a surgeon offering many cosmetic procedures may not be the most skilled in liposuction. A liposuction specialist may be a better choice because most if not all his experience is with liposuction.

A patient seeking liposuction should check if a surgeon is board-certified for liposuction. If he is board-certified in a different specialty or a non-surgical specialty, he may not be as knowledgeable as a certified liposuction doctor.

Safety should be the primary concern of any liposuction surgeon or any doctor. An ethical doctor will advise patients against removing too much fat. Too much fat loss can result in an unhealthy body weight or a disproportionate body. State medical boards put limits on how much fat can be removed safely. A qualified surgeon will always put the patient’s health first.

There is an art involved with liposuction. Part of the process is sculpting the body using the cannula. A good surgeon will have a well-trained eye and a skilled hand. Patients should look at examples of the doctor’s work on the specific areas of the body on which they are considering surgery. Videos and before and after photos will help patients evaluate the doctor and make a more educated decision when choosing a liposuction surgeon.