Liposuction Of The Neck and Chin

By. Dr. David Amron

The neck area is a gravitationally prone area that stores fat. The skin on the neck is very thin, and this combined with a natural loss of elasticity in aging skin results in the tissue falling and the fat settling. Many patients come see me to treat this area, commonly referred to as a double chin.

Understanding the delicate nature of the skin of the neck is essential to successful results from liposuction. The skin must be handled with care and be sculpted to the new shape formed by the fat cells. The surgeon must know how to get maximum, even skin retraction to get the best results for the patient.

The neck is a small area of the body. I have found I get the best results when I make precise movements with the cannula, applying delicate pressure. The skin must be treated with finesse and fat should be removed strategically without loosing support to the skin. Essentially, I sculpt the skin and fat cells to offer the patients a better, more balanced shape to their neck.

When I examine patients during a neck consultation, I focus on first determining whether they are truly a candidate for neck liposuction. The right candidate should possess skin with good elasticity, and have fullness that creates an unbalanced shape to the neck, shoulders and jaw line. Really I look at the overall face of the individual and come up with an approach to do what is best for the face.

When I do neck liposuction I break it into two approaches: sub-mental liposuction and full neck liposuction. I determine the approach based on where the patient has fullness and the quality of their skin.

Submental Liposuction

Mentum is the anatomic term for the chin; therefore, the area just underneath the chin is called the submental. When performing liposuction of the submental area, I focus only on the central area beneath the chin. Submental liposuction is the best approach for patients who have fullness only in the middle part of their neck.

Full Neck Liposuction

Patients who have fullness laterally, require liposuction of the entire neck to achieve an optimal result. Full neck liposuction approaches the whole neck as a unit. When I do the whole neck as a unit, it typically entails the area just above the jaw line, including the jowl area and lower cheek area by the mouth. To achieve the most even looking results I use three incision points: one under the chin, and one under each earloab.

It is important to distinguish which category a patient falls into. If someone needs the whole neck done and a surgeon only treats the submental area, then that area eventually retracts and pulls back up, but you will have fullness remaining on the sides that continues to drop over time. On the other hand, if someone only has fullness centrally and there is absolutely no dropping at all laterally, I feel that you don’t want to do any liposuction in the lateral part of the neck.

The neck is on of the most common areas I do liposuction and one of the best areas to do. Not only does liposuction help to define the jaw line it also can help to prevent or delay greatly the need for a surgical facelift procedure. If you are considering neck liposuction contact my Los Angeles office or request a free consultation. I will meet with you to determine the best approach to achieve a more defined jawline.

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