Liposuction Without Surgery

Liposuction without surgery is possible with noninvasive, alternative treatments. These procedures are designed to reduce fat without penetrating the skin.

These liposuction alternatives are not replacements for real liposuction for removing a significant amount of fat, but they can help some small areas that need spot reduction.

Coolsculpting by Zeltiq is a FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure that removes unwanted fat permanently. Zeltiq works by cooling down fat deposits until they break down. The fat cells are then absorbed by the body and flushed out. This process is called Cryolipolysis. Specific fat cells are targeted and the surrounding cells are left intact. This procedure is best for small enhancements and usually requires more than one treatment.

During Lipodissolve, chemicals are injected that break down fat and allow it to pass in the urine. Other than the obvious disadvantage of chemicals, Lipodissolve requires more than one treatment to remove fat from specific areas.

Mesotherapy is another technique that dissolves fat within the body with the use of injected amino acids and medications. Mesotherapy is popular in Europe and South America. Mesotherapy is nearly painless because of the small needles but often multiple treatments are needed to see real results.

The results of liposuction without surgery are not as predictable as actual liposuction because multiple treatments are needed and the results appear very gradually. During liposuction surgery, a specific amount of fat is removed at one time. Measurable results are apparent within a predictable amount of time. Rather than relying on chemicals or cooling to break down fat over time, fat is physically removed from the body during liposuction. The surgeon has control over the amount of fat removed and from where it is removed.

While there are many options for liposuction without surgery, they are best used for small refinements or in combination with liposuction surgery. Your surgeon can tell you more about non-surgical options.