Mini-Liposuction Targets Small Areas of Excess Fat

by Dr. David Amron

Many of my patients are not able to achieve the look they want. Although they eat right and exercise, small areas of fat remain. Losing more weight in an attempt to drop the extra fat in a specific spot doesn’t usually work because the patient becomes too thin in other areas. How do you reduce the fat in a small area? Mini-liposuction could be the answer you’re seeking to balance your body’s proportions.

I first introduced mini-liposuction about ten years ago as a way to remove areas of fat for patients who are close to their ideal weight. Mini-liposuction requires less time and is less expensive than traditional liposuction. Patients who are at or near their ideal body weight have a thin fat layer, so mini-lipo requires exceptional skill and artistry to define the contours of the body.

Downtime is minimal for mini-liposuction, and patients are encouraged to resume most normal activities within a few days. Within a few weeks, patients should start seeing results from the procedure.

Mini-liposuction is targeted to correct small areas of the body that are imbalanced. Some of these areas include abdomen, calves and ankles, love handles, chin, knees, hips, thighs and male chest. My goal is to balance a patient’s proportions.

Mini-liposuction is a minimal procedure that delivers dramatic results. It can improve your appearance, the fit of your clothes, and your confidence. Could mini-liposuction be the answer for your stubborn areas of fat? The only way to know for sure is to schedule a consultation to explore how this plastic surgery procedure can work for you.


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