Revision Liposuction Results Dependent on Doctor’s Skills

by Dr. David Amron

Improper evaluation of a patient or faulty surgical technique is usually at the root of poor liposuction results. While liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, it is also one that requires special skills to achieve the best results. In fact, revision liposuction may be more common than you think, with one in four patients requiring revision surgery that is primarily due to surgeon error.

Some patients are unhappy with the results because their previous surgery removed either too much or too little fat. Another common reason for dissatisfaction is that the treated area was not blended well with the surrounding area. Revision liposuction can often correct unsatisfactory results from a prior liposuction procedure. However, it’s more difficult and challenging than the original liposuction surgery because it requires more analysis and skill to correct contouring irregularities.

I specialize in revision liposuction, so I see many first-time patients who are unhappy with the results of their previous liposuction. I always start with a thorough evaluation to assess if the patient is a candidate for revision surgery. Unfortunately, some unhappy people aren’t candidates for revision liposuction because too much fat was removed previously or additional surgeries put their health at risk. This is a rare occurrence and not the norm.

The good news is that uneven or insufficient fat removal can often be corrected. I use a special technique that I refined to blend liposuction areas to achieve a natural looking appearance. For most of the revision liposuction patients I see, I can make substantial improvements to help them achieve the desired appearance.

If your original liposuction surgery left you with uneven areas or irregularities, you should know that revision liposuction may be an option. A word of caution—choose your doctor wisely for optimum results. Revision liposuction is a fine art that is highly dependent on your surgeon’s unique skills and experience.


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