Surgical Facility Safety

You may have questions about where your liposuction is performed. Here I have answered some of our most frequently asked questions about our facilities.

Where Is Liposuction Performed?

Liposuction can be performed at the surgeon’s office, in an outpatient facility, or in a hospital.

What are the Features of a Safe Surgical Facility?

A safe surgical facility should be clean, well-equipped, and it should have written procedures to reduce the risks of complications. Surgical instruments should be steam-sterilized, not cold-sterilized. The facility should be equipped with any equipment that may be needed in the event of an emergency. The staff should be trained on proper procedures and have the ability to diagnose and treat surgical emergencies.

Is it Safe to Have Liposuction in a Surgeon’s Office?

As long as the surgeon’s office is equipped with all the necessary equipment to perform the surgery, then it can be safely performed in the office. An office does not have to be accredited but accreditation is available. Because liposuction is surgery and does come with inherent risks, it should ideally be performed in an accredited or state licensed facility. Accreditation is issued when a surgeon’s office or surgery facility has been inspected and has passed according to the accrediting organization’s policies and procedures for patient safety. State licensed surgery centers have met the same requirements as hospitals.

Does Liposuction Safety Require Surgery in a Hospital?

Liposuction surgery does not have to be performed at a hospital. It can be performed at the surgeon’s office or at an outpatient facility.

Should I Only Choose a Surgeon with an Accredited Office?

While office accreditation is not a requirement, it does indicate that the surgeon is willing to go the extra mile for patient safety. Accreditation is an extra expense and requires extra effort on the part of the surgeon and his staff to implement policies in order to meet accreditation requirements. Accreditation does not eliminate the risks of liposuction, but it does indicate that the effort is being made to keep patients safe. A lack of accreditation does not necessarily indicate that an office is unsafe. Since accreditation is not required and has not always been available, many offices simply have not become accredited yet.