Patient Testimonials/Comments

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!


Dear Dr. David Amron-

I am so pleased with the results of the liposuction on my thighs, inner knees and upper arms. It has been six months since the procedure and every time I look in the mirror, I am amazed at how nice it is to be properly proportioned (particularly in dressing rooms while trying on clothes)! I especially appreciated your candor when we initially discussed what I needed done. I would never have thought I would allow any man to point out my flaws; however, somehow, because I knew you were going to correct my flaws – it was great!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr. David Amron for making me, even at 50 years old, look better than I ever have! And – Deanna, thank you for your patience and assistance throughout the process. You were so helpful. With respect to the procedure – there was a pretty big financial layout and a pretty big amount of discomfort for quite a few days, but those were nothing compared to the happiness I have with the results – It was so very worth it!!! I just wish I had done it sooner.

With appreciation,
– Jane N.

I am so excited about what you have done for me. Your talent, artistry and mastery have helped me to achieve the face I’ve always wanted, but never had. As a result, not only do I look 15-20 years younger, I look better than I ever, originally did. Aside from expertly correcting the time lines and sags, you gave me the cheek bones that I have always wanted. And all this without surgery!

I couldn’t be happier. I no longer suffer the invisible effects of looking old and plain. I now exist, I feel alive. Younger as well as older men always notice me, smile and automatically say, “Hi”. Men I have known, cross the room to greet me and say, “I lend class to the occasion”. I am amazed and tremendously pleased. Seeing you, Dr. Amron, was the best thing I could have done for myself. Thank you so much. I can only hope that other women will avail themselves of your expertise to look and feel as great as I do. Sincerely, – Susan G.

I had the best experience at Spalding Drive Medical Center. It began with Deanna when I made my appointment. She was knowledgeable, warm and engaging. She directed me to Dr. Amron’s website which made my first meeting with the doctor very productive. Dr. Amron made me feel very relaxed and really helped me understand what was right for me as far as procedures. Dr. Amron took his time and explained everything that I needed to know. – William M.

From the moment you walk into the office you feel special. The friendly staff are welcoming, helpful, and make sure you are very well taken care of. The nurse is a ray of sunshine every time to every patient! Dr. Amron is a brilliant, intuitive Doctor that takes the time to treat each patient as an individual and as if you were the most important person in the world. You can always trust that he is on the cutting edge of his field. I am so happy that I was referred to him a few years ago and would refer Dr. Amron without hesitation!! – Anonymous

Excellent service. Dr. Amron is an exceptional doctor – an expert at what he does with amazing bed-side manners. I am very happy with him. His staff is amazing as well – Deanna is always there to answer any questions that you may have! Great office staff! I would not go anywhere else.
– Anonymous

Dr. Amron and his staff are wonderful! Dr. Amron is an expert at what he does and his staff is wonderful as well. Deanna is a gem always returning calls and answering questions! – Ani M.

Always great!!! Love Dr. Amron, so talented!!! – Alison I.

Awesome doctor and team of professionals. Best surgery experience and results. I highly recommend! Dr. Amron is amazing. – Anonymous

Had a good experience, very friendly staff. Jacolyn was there from the beginning of the process until the end. I’m so glad I chose Dr. Amron. Can’t wait to see results. – Danisha P.

Dr. Amron is an excellent physician and the staff are all phenomenal. I feel so lucky that I have found such an excellent office. – Anita G.

I will be back!! 🙂 – Kristal H.

BEST decision I have made in a longtime. Though I was wracked with nerves, I had been interviewing and researching the best doctor to perform lipo, and I made my decision almost immediately following meeting Dr Amron.

Day of surgery couldn’t have gone smoother. It’s all done under local so you are awake the entire time, though they give you a sedative to take the edge off. This is important so Dr Amron can have you move into different positions, so he can achieve the best results. He really is a perfectionist and his surgery manner is second to none. His every request is calm and gentle and he checks in to see how you are feeling while he is performing lipo. I honestly didn’t feel anything while he was doing the lipo suction, in fact I was surprised we were done, because I heard none of the sucking you often see and here on informational videos etc. The only discomfort I felt was one or two sensitive spots when he was introducing the tumescent fluid (the local anesthesia +)

I would not hesitate referring anyone to Dr Amron and his staff for Lipo. It has been a great experience, I can’t wait to see the results unfold over the next few months, and all the time taken to research the best Dr paid off. Dr Amron was honest in his approach, realistic in setting my expectations and nothing he said hasn’t come to fruition. I would trust this Dr with any procedure I might encounter in future.

Dr Amron is truly second to none and not your ‘typical’ Beverly Hills Doctor, he truly cares about his craft and is 100% focused on his patients…thanks to Dr Amron and staff I can now get the body back that I enjoyed several years ago! – J.N. – Venice, CA

I would like to thank you, the entire staff, and especially Dr Amron for such a personal approach to yesterdays’ procedure.
I am sure you hear it all the time, but you guys are awesome.
Dr Amron was fantastic, though I zoned out for a bit, I tried to be the best patient ever, because I was in such great hands it was just too easy! – Jo – Los Angeles

I am very happy with the procedure of liposuction performed by Dr. Amron. The staff at the office has been wonderful and the nurses very professional. Dr. Amron has offered good advise and his surgeon skills are excellent. As you know I have already referred a patient to Dr. Amron and I will continue to do the same in the future. Best, – N.C.

I had such an amazing experience with the staff. They all took care of me, and answered all my questions, I had tons. Jacolyn has been there for me from the day I walked in, and did an amazing job from start to finish. Before, and after the procedure, the nurses were phenomenal. I was overwhelmed with how well they treated me. Thank you to the amazing staff! – R.A.

Prior to meeting Dr Amron I was very insecure about the shape of my body and always tailored my clothes to hide the parts I did not like.

Since my Los Angeles Liposuction surgery, however, I have a whole new perception and finally feel comfortable in my own skin.
Both Dr Amron and Spalding Drive staff were wonderful. They made my experience a positive one and I could not be happier with the results. Thank you so much! – S.T. (Student)

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful experience I had with you as my doctor. To begin with, I came to your office wondering about liposuction. I first met a lovely lady named Eve. She was so warm and nice and explained everything to me. So about half an hour later, I felt very comfortable about doing this procedure, which I have wanted to do for a long time. Besides reading about what a wonderful reputation you have and seeing pictures of your work, I realized that you were the doctor for me.

I came home really happy and excited that next morning I called your office and spoke with Stephanie who was really kind to me and made me an appointment for my surgery.

The morning of my surgery, I was very excited and also very nervous. Everyone was really nice o me, and then I felt really comfortable.

It was fun talking to you and you explaining everything to me as you were doing the procedure. It was so painless (I could not wait to get rid of that extra fat!).

Oh yes, I remember how excited I was to see six pounds of fat that you took off. I came home and I was really happy and excited that it was done. I can that that there was no pain during and after the procedure.

Today, I feel great and have so much more confidence. Not only do I look better, I feel so grateful that you helped me achieve a goal that I wanted to do for a long time.

I must tell you that I have been to several doctors and you are by far the most honest and truthful doctor that I know. I thank you from my heart for everything you have helped me achieve. Kindest Regards, – S.B.

As an educator, I am most aware of the fact that it is very important to work with the “whole” child. Not only is the academic component important, but also the social and emotional well being of each child is just as vital.

The same philosophy is true with Dr. Amron and his entire staff. Not only do they take care of the physical aspect of the procedure being done, but in addition, great concern is shown for the emotional well being of the patients.

Dr. Amron is very “gifted” and he utilizes both medical and artistic talent in achieving the best result. His entire staff is exemplary in the manner in which each patient is reassured and treated with great respect.I was very nervous, but not one moment of this experience was negative. The entire surgery center rates an “A.” – S.B.

I just want to say if your considering getting Liposuction then search no more!!! Dr. Amron is the surgeon for the job. I have struggled my entire life with problem areas in my body. I am a fit person , I work out all the time , eat healthy & nothing I did seemed to work with those areas. Saying that you could imagine how nervous I felt when I finally realized to get the results I wanted lipo was my final hope. I searched online for hrs & hrs & was not impressed with any of the Dr’s I found . I even went on a few consults & really was starting to feel very discouraged until FINALLY I found Dr. Amron’s site , Spalding Drive Cosmetic surgery & dermatology. When I read his bio I was super impressed with his honesty & knowledge . Especially with the fact that he specializes in lipo!! Suddenly I felt excited to think that what I was beginning to think was the impossible was going to be possible. I live in San Diego & regardless I made my consultation. I was so delighted to see Dr. Amron wasn’t to good to be true. He & his staff are the real deal . The staff was very friendly & accommodating! & Dr. Amron was everything I was looking for ! Smart, honest , confident & is a wonderful spirit! He made me feel very comfortable & confident to know I would be in good hands.

The day of surgery I was a little anxious,considering . Obviously not with Dr. Amron, just normal nerves & He & his surgery staff was amazing!! I felt very safe & had complete trust. They made me feel sooooo comfortable before during & after the surgery .I mean above & beyond in every way.
My recovery was just as he said & things are going great! It’s been about 4 weeks & I already see a big change, which makes me very excited to see my final results!! I’m going to finally have the hot body I have been working so hard all these years for ,lol! Seriously! So THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH DR. AMRON & everyone at Spalding! – Beach D.

Dr. Amron is one of the most “to-the-point” doctors I have come across. Being a top-10 university grad, I did my fair share of research and shopping and I had a lot of doctors over-exaggerate the results that I would achieve. Dr. Amron, on the other hand, was very realistic and told me what would be attainable. This was refreshing as I knew that I could trust Dr. Amron. I did not feel that Dr. Amron was trying to sell his services to me as is common in this industry. Instead, he treated me with dignity and after a thorough consultation allowed me to decide for myself if I felt that he would be the best fit for me. That he was! His entire staff is incredibly friendly and professional. I never had to wait long for a call back from the office as they were always on top of things unlike many other office I have dealt with, *sigh*. Jacolyn is amazing and was there for me from start to finish. Dr. Nassif, an amazingly gifted surgeon and Dr. Amron’s partner, comforted my mother as she was in the waiting room during my procedure. (My mom is a worry-wart!) However, as she soon realized, I was in good hands as Dr. Amron’s craft is truly unparalleled and his bedside manner incredible. He is THE Beverly Hills doctor, and this is well known in and around town and for good reason. He made me feel comfortable and I am beyond ecstatic with the end result! Enough GUSHING…Bottom line, I look freakin’ HOTT! I Miss you Dr. Amron!! – Sincerely, J.

I would like to start off by thanking the whole staff at Dr Amron’s office. They really have the knowledge and a genuine way of helping you feel at ease when you walk into their office. I would like to say to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery, rest assured Dr Amron is a professional and not only does he educate you but he also envisions what your body will look like. I couldn’t be more proud and elated with my lipo results. Thanks again, – T.S. (Interior Designer)

I just wanted to let you know that I could not be happier since having done liposuction! Having been a Playboy playmate, I am extremely self-conscious. When I could not lose the extra fat that we women get around our hip area, even with exercise, my self-esteem hit an all-time low. Once I had surgery I could not believe how quickly I healed. I walked two miles recommended the day after my surgery and four miles the next day. I was back in the gym in no time. Two and a half weeks after my surgery, all of my bruising was gone! I had very little pain and did not need any painkillers. Since my surgery, I can now wear clothing with a renewed confidence and love to put on a swimsuit. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner! Many thanks to you and your staff for your kindness and understanding. Sincerely, – T.B.

It has now been eight weeks since my liposuction, and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how this procedure has changed my life—all for the better. Thank you so very much for your skill, caring, and professionalism. Prior to making our first appointment with you, we investigated many plastic surgeons as to their reputation, qualifications, and results. Why? Because my body is very important to me, and I wanted the best. I wanted the body that I had when I was Miss Colombia for Tourism (some 20+ years ago). During my first consultation, you took the time necessary to explain every aspect of the liposuction procedure to me. But more importantly, you were realistic in your explanation of results to be expected. You were right when you told me that the surgery did not hurt and that I would see most of the results in six to eight weeks.

Let me tell you that my body now is better than I ever could have dreamed. You have changed my life in ways that I never thought were possible. Unlike some other patients, I am proud that I had liposuction and now have a sexy body (and a new wardrobe!). I tell everyone I know about my surgery and my wonderful doctor. I have more self-confidence and feel wonderful. And now I have the desire and excitement to have other procedures to counter the effects of gravity on my face and other parts. Thank you for making me a happy, sexy, and young woman again. My husband is ecstatic by my results. Thank you so very much. Again! See you soon, – P.S.

Dr Amron and the wonderful staff at Spalding Drive:
I wanted to thank all of you for making my procedure such a painless and a pleasurable one! I have to admit I was a bit nervous walking into the office for the first time, but from the moment I was greeted at the front desk to then being taken back for my initial consultation, I was immediately put at ease! I cannot state enough just how impressed I am by all of you and the care that you bestow upon your patients. Dr Amron, you made me feel instantly at ease and I greatly appreciated your honesty and your approach to the liposuction procedure. You evaluated my body type and my body structure and chose the best course of surgery to correct any areas of disproportion.

The procedure itself was basically painless (arms, flanks, lower abdomen, and outer thighs) and within a matter of hours I was walking around as though nothing had been done to me! I couldn’t believe it! The recovery process was painless and so easy to endure. I’d been expecting to feel sore and battered for days or weeks afterwards, but by the next night I was out to dinner and enjoying myself with friends!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr Amron and all of Spalding Drive Cosmetic Drive and Dermatology to anyone interested in undergoing liposuction. Dr Amron is truly an artist in his field. I cannot emphasize just how wonderfully he executed the entire procedure from the initial consultation, to the pre-op, to the operation itself! I’m still amazed by how easy it all was.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You’ve made me more comfortable in my own skin than I’d ever imagined possible! I love my new look my new body! Best Wishes, – J.G.(Medical Sales)

I remember when I first visited The Spalding Surgery reading testimonials and wondering whether they were real. Well three months later I have had my operation and am writing one myself. I am delighted to write this testimonial. I am very grateful to Dr. Amron as he has helped give me a body at 43 years of age better than the one I had at 23. (In fact it took him an hour and a half to achieve what I had been trying to attain for over 20 years) I, therefore have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Amron for I believe him to be a surgeon of great talent and to be the best in his field.

I have spent years working out in a gym and trying to lose that ‘extra weight’ around my middle. Interestingly, I was always at the lower end of the acceptable weight range for my height/frame in fact often I was deemed to be a few pounds underweight. But it was very obvious to me that I had ‘grown up’ disproportionately and that I should not be carrying this weight around my middle. To me, it felt unhealthy and not particularly attractive.

I was watching this year a program in the UK called ‘Brand New You’ and there was Dr. Amron describing/performing the exact type of surgery I envisioned would be suitable for resolving my ‘problem area’. I therefore took the opportunity while on holiday In LA in June this year to have a consultation. When discussing with Dr. Amron and a couple of the staff my plan of ‘flying in and out’ of Los Angeles to undertake this surgery they were obviously not concerned …and that for me was a good indication of how confident they were, how safe the operation was and also how it was not likely to be disabling in any way.

I undertook all the pre-operation procedures in the UK with no problems. I then flew here on the 1st August and undertook the surgery on the 3rd August. I flew back to London on the 6th August. Here are some key points that I think are of interest to the reader:

i) I can already see, only two and a half weeks after the operation that it has been a complete success and I wish I had undertaken it sooner. I feel far more comfortable with my shape and my clothes look/feel better on me. Life has become so much easier and less expensive for me as I do not have to spend time and money on trying to ‘cover up’ my waist and abdomen areas, for I can wear near enough anything now.

ii) The operation itself, although being an unusual sensation was without any pain and no real discomfort at all. It was carried out under local anesthetic and I was chatting with Dr. Amron and the nurses as if we were at Starbucks having coffee.

The worst part for me of the whole procedure was once I had come ‘home’ that I had to keep changing the dressings on the insertions as the operation fluid was leaking out but that only lasted till 11pm that night and by then the insertions had closed.

The following day I walked about three miles in the Hollywood Hills and felt great. The swelling had gone down substantially and if I had had to go to work that day I would have been able to. Bruising and swelling has been really minimal far less than I expected. All the staff at Spalding Drive Cosmetic and Dermatology were very helpful, kind and reassuring and not once did I feel worried or concerned. Just two and a half weeks after the operation I seem to already be back to normal except for a tiny bit of sensitivity around my abdomen. The insertions are now just slight red marks and are fading very fast. I have been working out in the gym with no problem and I could already wear a bikini with complete confidence that no one would even notice that I had had surgery. Dr. Amron really does rock. Yours in good faith, – L.H. – London, UK

No matter how many of my friends said I did not need to do this, I did not listen. They do not live in my body. They are now all jealous, and see the amazing results. Now I feel sexy and young. My body has healed without ripples or bumps. Dr. Amron is a perfectionist. I cannot recommend him and his office highly enough. Thanks, – C.

I just had to write to you following my treatment last week. After months of searching for the right Beverly Hills’ cosmetic surgeon. I saw you on UK television. I immediately called your office and spoke to Jade (who was most helpful). She put me through to you on the telephone. After speaking with you I had great confidence in the practice and decided to book an appointment with you. Since we were coming from the UK we had to link flights and hotels with the right appointment times. Despite this being many e-mail and phone calls for your staff to attend to, they were very helpful and nothing was too much trouble for them. When we arrived at your practice, the staff was as friendly and pleasant in person as they had been on the telephone. The day of surgery quickly arrived. I was put at ease very quickly. The staff was so professional and confident, that any fears I had were quickly expelled. All of my questions were answered and I became very relaxed.

After surgery I went home. I expected to have some pain the next day but nothing. I could walk around, even jog without any pain the next day. Absolutely unbelievable!! I am now back in England. I can see a tremendous difference after only a week. My wife and I are both amazed at the results. You said it would take about six weeks to really notice a difference, but I am really impressed by the results already. My family and friends have already commented on how good I look. In fact after shouting your praises, I am sure everyone in my area will be booking flights to see you soon. Thank you so much for giving me the body I wanted. You are a genius. Kind Regards, – L.B.

Dr.Amron and his whole staff had me feel completely as ease and confident going into and during my liposuction procedure. The courtesy and attentiveness of the front office is remarkable. The environment is so very personal and authentically caring. I felt as though it was family in the surgery room.. as though my brilliant, highly skilled big brother was doing the procedure. The warmth between Dr. Amron and the nurses was palpable, and it was evident in their every move. I have never had a surgery before and the detail Dr. Amron explained to me really helped me have realistic expectation which I must add, were way beyond what I thought possible. Additionally, I had very specific circumstances which were handled beautifully by everyone. I simply cannot say enough about Dr. Amron and his whole staff. Simply outstanding!!! – Happy Patient – CA

I wanted to share my experience with Dr. Amron and his clinic, hopefully to help others who are doubtfull or worried about going ahead with surgery. Nearly four years ago now, I made a very bad decision, and had a liposuction procedure done in a reputable hospital with the head of plastic surgery department as my surgeon, on the island of Mallorca, Spain, where I have lived for the last 40 years. I can quite honestly say that said procedure ruined my life – having always had a beautifull figure and haveing become used to walking into a room and everybody quieting for a second, I became invisible instantly – I had requested that a bit of fat which I couldn’t budge with exersise, be removed from the top of my legs – and I ended up with no hips no buttocks and no waist – essentially a man!!!!! I am convinced that those of us haveing a procedure that day all got the same treatment – i.e. what most women want – but not me!!! The surgeon did not even mark on my body where the fat was to be removed as occurs always in every procedure, but haveing already taken my pre-op sedation – I was in no condition to protest.

The following three years were hell – I lost all my confidence – put on 10 kilos – did not want to go out of the house and became very depressed, that is untill I saw one of Louis Theroux’s progammes on plastic surgery and was able to see Dr. Amron actually performing surgery on Louis Theroux!! As I am now 50 years old, I had given up the hope of finding a surgeon who could at least rebalance out my body without being told that I was too old – and even possibly makeing my problem worse.

Dr. Amron’s approach was so exactly what I was looking for i.e. somebody who would be able to get rid of all the horrible fat on my back to balance out my body so I could then find a way to loose the extra weight and therefore get some semblance of my former self back. (Just as an aside, I have discovered the blood group diet and amazingly lost 3.7 kilos in the last 11 days!!)

I found Dr. Amron’s web site and everything there corraborated the impression I already had from the T.V.programme, I got in touch by phone and even from so far away there were no difficulties – I was able to send Dr.Amron some photos and spoke to him on the phone – such a nice man and honest too – I was sent all the necessary pre-op data by email and Jade especially was so helpfull when I was panicking about how to get a flight to coincide with possible surgery times – it was all made so easy – i.e. I got the flights booked and the surgery was booked to coincide, easy peasy.

All went ahead without a hitch – the recovery time is so amazingly quick it’s quite difficult to believe, and I can honestly say that the most uncomfortable time is the first few hours after the op which quickly passes – and the next day you’re walking the recommeded two miles.!!!!
To resume, I can’t thank you all enough – I have my “me” back- which to me is priceless – after the awfull time previously.. Thank you again – if I need anything more done this is where I’m going.
– Kay Grindell Scarlett – Palma de Mallorca, Spain



Dr. Amron is truly an Artist. I’m 45 years old, and over the past year I have managed to lose 20 plus pounds on my own. However, there is no amount of exercise or eating right that will get rid of a 45 year old man’s trouble areas. Dr. Amron skillfully and artfully removed about 5 more pounds from all the right places. Thanks to Dr. Amron, I can see my abs for the first time in my life and my love handles are a thing of the past. I highly recommend Dr. Amron to anyone considering Liposuction. In addition to his Liposuction skills, he is the consummate Physician with a bedside manner that would put anyone at ease. Thank you Dr. Amron!! – Peter – Los Angeles, CA

I recently had lipo with Dr.Amron on my inner and outer thighs and knees and I am very happy with my results. I searched around to find the best doctor in the area and I found Dr.Amron very knowledgeable and caring. He really takes the time to explain everything and is very kind and patient. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to do lipo. – A.Hughes

Not only is the academic component important, but also the social and emotional well-being of each child is just as vital. The same philosophy is true with Dr. Amron and his entire staff. Not only do they take care of the physical aspect of the procedure being done, but in addition, great concern is shown for the emotional well -being of the patients. Dr. Amron is very “gifted” and he utilizes both medical and artistic talent in achieving the best result. His entire staff is exemplary in the manner in which each patient is reassured and treated with great respect. I was very nervous, but not one moment of this experience was negative. – S.B.

I wanted to take the time to thank you. It has been three months since my abdominal and flank liposuction procedure. I am very pleased with the results. Because I work in the medical profession I took a great of time researching the procedure. I was particularly impressed by your straightforward and honest approach. I would never have had this procedure done by a plastic surgeon because of the risk of anesthesia. After the procedure, I felt very comfortable because we had discussed what was going to happen in such great detail. Everyone on your staff (including the patient coordinator, OR nurses, clinic nurse, and secretaries) is very knowledgeable and friendly.

I am so happy with the results! All I can think of is that I should have had the procedure done years earlier. No longer do I have to try all of these crazy diets to lose weight in a particular area. Instead, I continue to exercise and eat well-balanced meals.

I have repeatedly heard that those individuals who often to gain weight around the middle are at a higher risk for developing heart disease. This is of particular concern for me because my father has heart disease. It is reassuring to know that I have changed the way my body stores fat.

I am so pleased with how natural the results look. No one can even tell that I have had anything done… not even when I am in a bathing suit. Thank you so much for using your artistic eye and skillful hands to contour what is now a sleek, sexy, and very curvaceous body. It has done wonders for my confidence and my body image. I will highly recommend you to my friends. Thank you again for such a positive experience. Sincerely, – M.T.

I first heard of mini-lipo from Jillian Barberie on channel 11 Good Day LA, and I wondered how they could do lipo without putting you to sleep. But it sounded so good I had to look into it.

From the moment I called for a consultation I felt extremely comfortable with Eve taking me through some of the process over the phone and telling me how good your work on lipo surgery was. When I walked into your office, your staff was very pleasant and I immediately felt very important. I told Even that I have always had large thighs and a pouch on my stomach, she showed me some photos of before and after surgeries you had performed. I was starting to get more excited about meeting you and to see what you would recommend to me.

When you told me that I was a good candidate for the procedure I could not wait for our start date, I had been waiting for many years. The process took a little long that day going back into Eve to make the necessary arrangements that Eve gave me a wonderful gift certificate for another area you facility specializes in, facials. It was a very nice gift and I appreciated it very much. Well, the day finally came and the procedure went just like you said it would. My recovery was only uncomfortable for the first 24 hours but as I moved around each day I felt better and all I needed was a few Tylenol and the first couple of days. I started walking within the second day and increased by two miles by the second week. I now got on my stationary bike almost every morning and I walk more often than ever before, roller blade about once a week and go on hikes whenever possible. Now just eight weeks later I look and feel so much better because of my new way of life and your expertise on liposuction surgery. Thank you so much and I will see you in a few months for my stomach! Sincerely, – E.A.

I have worked in the medical field for over 10 years and I have very high expectations for physicians. If you are thinking of doing liposuction, tumescent is the way to go. My recovery was a breeze and I really didn’t need any down time. I watched every video that Dr Amron has from links on his website, I really liked the idea that he looks at your whole body. I had been researching liposuction for over a year and then I found Dr Amron. Dr Amron did an amazing job and he has an excellent bedside manner, he is very professional and took well over 45 minutes talking with me and answering questions. You do truly feel pampered at Dr Amrons office, from the moment you walk in the door you feel like a guest in an upscale spa. Dr Amrons assistant is Jacolyn, and she was an angel, she must have answered over 50 emails from me (even on the weekends).

Dr Amron’s surgical suite is more current and updated than some large hospitals. The nursing/surgical staff was able to answer all my questions knowledgeably and helped put last minute nerves at ease. I was awake during my lipo and Dr Amron spoke and explained what he was doing as the procedure went along . I never felt more than a slight pinch when I was getting numb, I have had more discomfort having my teeth cleaned. My procedure lasted about 45 minutes and I walked out to the car with my husband afterwards. I really did expect some kind of discomfort at least the next day, but I only felt a little stiff when I would stand up from a sit position, nothing I even needed Tylenol for. I contribute my quick recovery to Dr Amrons experience and expertise; this is the major difference in going to someone who only does Liposuction. If you ever find yourself needing a cardiologist, you aren’t going to go to a gynecologist, you want someone who knows the heart inside and out. I am now just a few weeks post op, I have lost 2 inches off my hips, I know that my final results are months away. I have to say that I noticed a difference my 2nd day post op, I was taking off my compression garment to take a shower, and my big love handles had already shrunk more than 50%. I am truly happy with my results and just wish I would have done it sooner. – Anna A. – Port Angeles, WA

Great doctor! I went to Dr. Amron for tumescent liposuction after hearing about him from my aunt who was a patient of his. She was so ecstatic about the results of her procedure that it sparked my interest in getting lipo done on my belly and thighs. My experience with Dr. Amron was superb. He seemed to be very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable with the thought of having surgery. The staff was friendly, and professional too and I had no problems at all. I got tumescent liposuction done rather than getting traditional liposuction because it is much safer and allows you to heal faster. It has now been 2 months since my surgery and I am loving my new body. I highly recommend Dr. Amron! VERY HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS! I am absolutely delighted with what Dr. Amron has done for me and can honestly say that he has changed my life.
I would go out in a bikini TODAY….that is how confident I feel about the appearance of my previously deformed torso.
PLEASE…..IF ANYONE OUT THERE has had a bad liposuction experience, make an appointment with Dr. Amron. In my opinion….IF you can be improved, he’s the man that can improve you. If he cannot,he will tell you. He is totally honest and to me that is worth everything. In the future, if I need anymore cosmetic work done ( and obviously I will ) I will not hesitate to have Dr. Amron work his magic on me. THANK YOU DR. AMRON. Sincerely, – Gillian – Edmonton, Canada

My name is Caroline. Approximately eight weeks ago, I decided to try liposculpture. I have wanted to have this done for the past three years. All the doctors that I consulted with said I would have a wonderful result. That was not the problem. I am allergic to anesthesia. Unless I absolutely had to have surgery, I did not want anesthesia.

After a consult with Dr. Amron, my prayers were answered. Lunch-time lipo, under local anesthesia, back to work asap, walk the following day. I could not believe what I was hearing. But true to his word, I walked two miles the day after surgery, and went back to work two days later. There was some pain, however, I went through the whole surgical procedure and the recovery period without one pain pill. Eight weeks later, I am eight pounds lighter. I have gone from a size 8 to a size 4. I purchased my first 28 jeans in years and feel fantastic.



It is with sincere thanks and appreciation that I write you today. It has been approximately four months since my liposuction procedures. Specifically – upper arms and upper inner thighs, and I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results. From the time of my initial consultation I knew that I was in the best hands for my body sculpting. You are truly an expert and the best in your field and I – blessed to be placed in your hands. I believe that testament to your abilities were exhibited in no recovery time required, as well as – little to no bruising. It was an incredible experience and left me and those around me in awe.

I had reached the point in my life that no matter how vigorously I exercised and/or focused on my problem areas – there was no change to be made or seen. You, however – changed that with your skilled liposuction technique. Thanks to you – I am now evenly proportioned to my given size and ecstatic at he reality. Special thanks to each and every member of your office staff – they are an amazing team. Thanks for all, – APH

I am happy to report that I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgeries. This weekend while in Las Vegas, I was carded two times. That has not happened in many, many years! The recovery from the liposuction on my arms and stomach was surprisingly quick and relatively painless. I walked two miles the very next day. I highly recommend liposuction by Dr. Amron since it was so easy! I have always been a very slow healer and these surgeries were no exception, however, you both were available to me throughout my toughest days, and I appreciate all your input and dedication. I will gladly refer people to your office for all this cosmetic surgery needs! Thank you very much! Sincerely, – D.D.



I am so excited about what you have done for me. Your talent, artistry and mastery have helped me to achieve the face I’ve always wanted, but never had. As a result, not only do I look 15-20 years younger, I look better than I ever, originally did. Aside from expertly correcting the time lines and sags, you gave me the cheek bones that I have always wanted. And all this without surgery! I couldn’t be happier. I no longer suffer the invisible effects of looking old and plain. I now exist, I feel alive. Younger as well as older men always notice me, smile and automatically say, “Hi”. Men I have known, cross the room to greet me and say, “I lend class to the occasion”. I am amazed and tremendously pleased. Seeing you, Dr. Amron, was the best thing I could have done for myself. Thank you so much. I can only hope that other women will avail themselves of your expertise to look and feel as great as I do. – Susan G.

Thank you so much for my fabulous cheeks they look terrific! You are an artist with such perfection. This liposuction procedure was a piece of cake, well worth it. I can’t begin to thank you enough. It’s really funny how such a small procedure could make such a big difference, but it really did. I can’t wait to share this wonderful experience with my friends. Thank you again, – T.E.

It was a pleasure meeting you the other day. I was so excited for my tumescent liposuction procedure. Seriously I couldn’t sleep for weeks. Anyway, the day finally came and I was so happy. I must tell you what a gorgeous job you did on my body and such a spectacular job on my cheeks. I never thought you could put fat in cheeks!! What a difference. Boy I love it. The pain was minimal and most worth it. Can’t wait to show the world how happy and grateful I am with my new body and face. Kindest regards, – S. (One Happy Camper)


Travelling from overseas for surgery can be daunting. Patient Care Coordinator Deanna was not only incredibly proactive and responsive, she was incredibly reassuring helping to walk through details in advance and address any queries or concerns. The surgical nurses were professional, kind and also reassuring, helping to explain the pre-op, surgery and post-op processes thoroughly so I had no misgivings as to what to expect. Dr Amron corrected nasty disfiguration caused by poorly executed liposculpture surgery 4 years ago. I was up and about after just 24 hours and while initially sore to touch, showed no visible surface bruising. You’re supposed to see 80% of results 6 months or more after the surgery. In my case, I saw an immediate difference. I would highly recommend Dr Amron and the staff at Spalding Plastic Surgery. – Anonymous

Dr. Amron is simply the BEST in his field !!! I have been going to see Dr.David Amron for over ten years and have nothing but fabulous results ! His dedicated to his work is obvious even if he is just performing a simple skin cancer check. He preformed liposuction on me several years age and I could not be more pleased with his explanation of the process and the results were amazing ! He is so passionate about this subject and his theory of being awake and being able flex and position me made my result that much better.

I had had some bad lipo 20 years before and trust me as a 54 yr old woman you want a lipo genius so you do not end up overdone or have sagging skin. He is very concerned about all issues at hand. He also preformed “”fat grafting “” at the same time so he used my own fat that was sucked out, cleaned it and filled my lower face where I had lost much volume due to aging. 6 years later it is still there and I look years younger than I did before his magic of fat grafting. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Amron and the lovely staff at the Spaulding Drive office. – Kelly K.

I had liposuction from a reputable plastic surgeon and to my dismay ended up with unsightly indentations and an unnatural physique. After intense research and multiple consultations, I decided to undergo a revision surgery with Dr. Amron. My results exceeded my already high expectations. Dr. Amron is a visual genius as well as a brilliant surgeon. My extensive research was well worth it. He is the top revision liposuction specialist in his field. – E.D.

Dr. Amron did revision liposuction (including a fat transfer) to help repair damage done in a previous overly-aggressive liposuction by another plastic surgeon. Since the surgery was only days ago, I can’t comment yet on the long-term result, but I can say that even after two days, I look better than I did pre-surgery. After my first (botched) liposuction, I looked like someone had beaten me up, and the pain, swelling, lumpiness and discoloration were visible immediately and lasted for months. (The lumpiness and discoloration never went away– thus the need for revision).

After Dr. Amron’s surgery, I have no bruising, and minimal pain– more like the pain of a pulled muscle. Overall, both Dr. Amron and all his staff were friendly, professional and helpful. I came from the East Coast specifically to see Dr. Amron, and his staff did everything possible to accommodate the needs of a patient traveling long distance. I also felt that Dr. Amron did a good job explaining the pros and cons of everything, and not over-promising. The procedure was quite costly– more than $8000, not to mention the travel-related expenses. But if the long-term results are an improvement, I will consider it money very well spent. – Anonymous

It is my professional opinion that I, Cynthia Bartholmey Kipnis, a certified Dr. Vodder lymphatic therapist truly believe in Dr Amron’s work. For over 10 years I have specialized in lymphatic massage for cosmetic and reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation, facelifts and liposuction. My clients travel all over the world to find the best doctors and deals. Unfortunately, they do not always get the best results.

Dr. David Amron’s work is the most exquisite and is always flawless!. I so enjoy working on his patients because they heal faster and need only a minimum lymphatic session before they are wearing a swimsuit on a beach in Hawaii. You are in greats hands with Dr Amron!