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Body Liposuction | Stomach, Flanks, Thighs, Arms and Back

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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Doctor Amron has built his practice and otherwise stellar reputation on providing highly targeted, skilled surgery.  He is a very caring, sensitive man.  Soft spoken and tactful.  He genuinely cares about his patients well-being and follows up to ensure patients recovery is smooth and that they feel good their experience and life after their procedure.

Because of his deep caring for patients and the fact that he values those relationships, he is at times guilty of running over normal times–as a result above average wait times here are not uncommon.   That said, anything good and decent is worth waiting for and it’s emblematic of the reality that Dr. Amron sees his patients as people, not just a means for himself to make as much money as possible–common for many plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.

I’m afraid in the world of Liposuction there is a lot of misunderstanding about what a good, honest doctor should do and can do for his patients.   Dr. David Amron is a highly specialized surgeon who helps patients sculpt areas on their bodies that have been resistant to traditional approaches.  He is a not a substitute for Jenny Craig nor is he a bariatric surgeon-he doesn’t generally perform his services on those patients who are struggling with extreme obesity etc.  He is crystal clear about this with ALL of his patients.  Unfortunately many patients enter liposuction with false hopes about reversing years and years of body fat accumulation.

If you research Dr. Amron thoroughly and go to him for the right reasons, you will be happy.  Highly skilled at what he does and loved by those with the proper expectations! Ask around about him from other Doctors and you will hear that he enjoys a great reputation among his peers–it’s unfortunate the misguided sentiments of a few patients doesn’t’ reflect his reputation as a whole.

Nicholas G. (Review from Yelp)

I was referred to Dr Amron from a friend who had good results and I also did do some research online for liposculpture. I am a normal person who has never had any affiliation with Dr. Amron, just a woman who wanted to feel better about my body. I chose Dr. Amron after a year of contemplation on the surgery and many consults for comparison.

Several other doctors were too busy, either leaving me in the waiting room or did not have the extensive knowledge that Dr. Amron has. I only wanted to do this procedure ONE time and that was it. He does revisions too…which is a good indication he knows this procedure as a true expert. As a business woman myself, I felt that Dr. Amron was not only a man of integrity but of perfection, the entire surgery he walked me through each step patiently and honestly. He is truly a gifted surgeon. I can’t stress this enough! He called me the night before surgery to ease my fears and go over any concerns!!! wow!!!!!

Day of surgery,Ii felt like I was taken care of by all the staff and Dr. Amron. He is an artist and has a passion for liposculpture and it comes across. Dr. Amron is the only surgeon in LA that I believe is not about money, but about principle and doing what is right. He offers the honest approach in what needs to be contoured on your body. The surgery was under local and was virtually painless. Again, he informed me on everything he was doing each step of the way. Dr. Amron likes all his patients to have the knowledge of what they are doing and now I see the importance to this! The doctor called me that night after surgery and I can already see results that will look phenomenal!!! Small incisions too!!! I’m very happy. This man deserves to be known as the fabulous doctor he is. Highly recommend this doctor to anyone interested in liposculpture.

Michelle W.

After finally searching for a surgeon I felt comfortable with, I was sent in Dr. Amron’s direction in order to get my knee liposuction. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received. The receptionist was the most helpful. Their office made me feel welcome and I cannot even begin to speak about how thoroughly pleased I was with the results of my liposuction. Dr. Amron’s precision is uncanny. Not only am I satisfied with his work on me, but my knees were operated on with impeccable care and my confidence has soared. I have suggested him to several to friends of mine looking to receive liposuction. Look no further for a surgeon than Dr. Amron.

Laura G.

I find myself to be relatively healthy, but I’ve always had the hardest time sculpting my lower abs. I couldn’t get rid of those ugly love handles no matter how many different ab routines I do. Finally, I decided to look up liposuction procedures and wanted to know if it was acceptable for men to do them. I found that Dr. Amron had a lot of positive reviews so I gave him a call.

After coming in for a consultation, we immediately set up an appointment. Dr. Amron and his staff were really patient with me, and made me feel welcomed (even though I was the only male patient in the office at that time). After a few short weeks of recovery, I have been able to love my body and appreciate the work that Dr. Amron has done to my body and my image. I couldn’t be happier.

Joseph M.

Dr Amron has an artistic eye for liposuction. When I came for consultation I didn’t tell him where I wanted to get liposuction. He didn’t ask either, instead, he told me what he thought I was a candidate for. I really liked that. And now when everything is said and done I look the way I always wanted to.

Brenda M.

Dr. Amron is truly an Artist. I’m 45 years old, and over the past year I have managed to lose 20 plus pounds on my own. However, there is no amount of exercise or eating right that will get rid of a 45 year old man’s trouble areas. Dr. Amron skillfully and artfully removed about 5 more pounds from all the right places. Thanks to Dr. Amron, I can see my abs for the first time in my life and my love handles are a thing of the past. I highly recommend Dr. Amron to anyone considering Liposuction. In addition to his Liposuction skills, he is the consummate Physician with a bedside manner that would put anyone at ease. Thank you Dr. Amron!!

Peter – Los Angeles, CA
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