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Body Liposuction | Stomach, Flanks, Thighs, Arms and Back

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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I am happy to report that I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgeries. This weekend while in Las Vegas, I was carded two times. That has not happened in many, many years! The recovery from the liposuction on my arms and stomach was surprisingly quick and relatively painless. I walked two miles the very next day. I highly recommend liposuction by Dr. Amron since it was so easy! I have always been a very slow healer and these surgeries were no exception, however, you both were available to me throughout my toughest days, and I appreciate all your input and dedication. I will gladly refer people to your office for all this cosmetic surgery needs! Thank you very much!



My name is Caroline. Approximately eight weeks ago, I decided to try liposculpture. I have wanted to have this done for the past three years. All the doctors that I consulted with said I would have a wonderful result. That was not the problem. I am allergic to anesthesia. Unless I absolutely had to have surgery, I did not want anesthesia.

After a consult with Dr. Amron, my prayers were answered. Lunch-time lipo, under local anesthesia, back to work asap, walk the following day. I could not believe what I was hearing. But true to his word, I walked two miles the day after surgery, and went back to work two days later. There was some pain, however, I went through the whole surgical procedure and the recovery period without one pain pill. Eight weeks later, I am eight pounds lighter. I have gone from a size 8 to a size 4. I purchased my first 28 jeans in years and feel fantastic.

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