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Dr. David Amron & Professional Staff

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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For more than a decade, I searched for an answer, a cure, for the symptoms causing my life to slip away from me. Initially, doctors assumed the swelling in my legs was a result of fluid coming from my veins. I underwent five different surgeries in hopes of change, but in each case was left disappointed. Later, I was misdiagnosed with a condition called lymphedema, which is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system. For nearly 10 years, I suffered through countless treatments and therapies, none of which could mollify my symptoms. Finally, I found a physician in Utah, who claimed to have a working therapy for lipedema. Unfortunately, my insurance would not cover this treatment, so I was forced to pay out-of-pocket. In the end, I had spent more than $20,000 on treatments and machines that did not work. What’s worse is many of the physicians I met had never even heard of lipedema. For the plastic surgeons who did know something of the condition, they refused to perform any surgery due to its risky nature.

Finally, after ample research, I found Dr. David Amron, a lipo-sculpture specialist with more than 20 years experience in his field. When I finally met with him regarding my own struggle, his unprecedented knowledge, confidence, and expertise in treating my condition immediately restored my hope of one day living a normal life again. Using his anesthesia-free pure tumescent liposuction and unique technique, he put an end to my lipedema symptoms once and for all. It was finally over.

It is hard to believe that after so many years of pain and struggle with lipedema, my life would change 110 percent over the course of just a few weeks. Today, I am able to exercise at the gym again, something that would have been completely impossible only a year prior. I no longer experience the frequent pain or social upsets because of the condition, and for the first time in a long time, I am living the active, healthy life I always dreamed of. After decades of letdowns, it would have been easy to believe I was destined to a life in a wheelchair. However, I did not take “no” for an answer. I fought to find the right diagnosis, and after that, fought even harder to find the right surgeon. I am now able to at long last return to my active, happy self.

Jasna Tursic

I went to Dr. Amron last year after researching extensively to find the best surgeon for revision liposuction. I had liposuction several years ago by an extremely well respected plastic surgeon that left me with deformities on my inner and outer thighs. I had seen several surgeons after that for consultations to correct the deformities. None left me with a sense of great confidence.  In the consultation with Dr. Amron he very thoroughly went through the approach he would use to improve the contour of my legs. The previous surgery had been done too aggressively and left me with a strange shape to my legs.  Dr. Amron’s approach to correction involved re-contouring the entire leg as there was too much fullness in the front of my thighs and knees. In addition I was stripped of fat in my outer and inner thighs so his plan was to graft fat into the hollow areas. The surgery was about two hours during which I was awake, as he explained it was very important for me to be able to move around during the surgery.  It really was not painful in the least. I was instructed to take a two mile walk the day after surgery and felt surprisingly good, much better than when I had it done before under general anesthesia.  I pretty much right away noticed a much improved shape to my legs. It’s now been over a year and my legs look so much better and more natural.  I was extremely happy with the results and my choice of surgeon. He is amazing!!!

Paula G. (Review from Yelp)

Dr. Amron performed a revision liposuction surgery few months ago and I am glad I entrusted him to do it. Everything has healed at rapid speed and I look exactly how he told me I will. I love my new body! Dr. Amron made the entire process as easy and comfortable as possible. He was very caring and pleasant to talk to.

Tiffany W.

Hi my name is Elle, I have been going to Dr. Amron for 7 years. I have to admit I do not agree with the reviews that I read on here. Dr. Amron is an artist.  he completely takes time with his patients no matter what the job is.  I have had Botox since I was age 38 I am now 44. Most people think I am around age 32, and on a good day age 27. I do take very good care of myself (facial regimens, work outs etc.) but this man does not make you look plastic, unmoving or fake.

The things I have had Dr. Amron do to me are: Botox, filler on my cheeks, fractal laser for slight scarring from acne and lastly I had a mini Lipo which took my 36 inch hips to a 35. it is been five years and my hips are still a 35. Yes I do be Bikram, Ballet, run and I eat healthy but his techniques definitely do work.  If you think you can have a perfect body and a perfect face by doing nothing except having a surgeon do lipo on you, I have news for you: you are living in fantasy land.

Having a healthy body takes work; it is not going to an office to be poked and hope for a perfect 10 result.  And lastly Dr. Amron is very kind, and has a wonderful soul. He’s a talented musician extremely educated.
if you want to look natural, beautiful and not look weird/ puffy like so many people do after having any kind of filler, try Dr. Amron. He is not cheap, but he does a fabulous job.

E.B. (Review from Yelp)

Two months ago an oculoplastic surgeon performed ptosis repair, and upper and lower eyelid lifts for me. After the surgery I still had some tiny bumps and wrinkles around my eyes. I was told to go to Dr. Amron’s office in Beverly Hills for laser resurfacing. His medical group is well known and they are often on TV shows showing before and after patients and patient makeovers (I never saw the TV shows).

On my own I consulted with a couple other doctors who do laser but felt Dr. Amron was more knowledgeable, experienced and his price was more affordable than others doing the same procedure. Other doctors doing this same procedure require patients to be put under by an anesthesiologist in an operating room, which shoots the price up to be nearly double. Dr. Amron explained to me before the surgery that the CO2 laser reconstructing is a serious procedure and wanted to make sure I understood the 7-10 day recovery period and what the laser would initially do to my face. He told me for 17 years he did this procedure in an operating room with an anesthesiologist but for the last 2 years with this CO2 machine they are able to do the procedure in his office. Sometimes patients are given Demerol but I had nobody to drive me home so I took no painkillers. The beauty of the CO2 machine is that only one treatment is necessary but the recovery time is 7-10 days. Other lasers require 3-4 treatments but the down time after each treatment is much less at 3-4 days. I felt I wanted the best and most thorough available so I opted for the one treatment CO2 machine.

I had absolutely no preparation prior to the surgery. A very friendly assistant applied numbing cream all over my face and I had to wait an hour.to numb my face. I would be lying if I didn’t say the procedure definitely is painful and I can understand why some people with a low tolerance for pain should be under a general anesthetic or at least take a pain killer like Demerol or Vicodin. The good news is Dr. Amron is an expert and performed with procedure thoroughly and completely and was extremely reassuring to me throughout the one hour it took to laser my entire face. The laser is like a needle with heat and Dr. Amron makes a pattern and dots the entire face with the laser, making sure to blend by the neck and ears so there is no line when all heals. I truly felt I was in competent hands throughout the resurfacing.

Immediately Dr. Amron finished, my face just looked red and felt dry. Ice cold towels were put on my face for approximately an hour to help with the heat feeling in my face. No pain at all after this procedure but definitely feels like a very bad sunburn. I woke up the morning after the laser with a very puffy face and my eyes can barely open because they are swollen. I specifically had asked Dr. Amron to focus on my eyes since that was my initial reason for the laser restructuring.

Dr. Amron is an outstanding physician with an expertise in the revolutionary CO2 laser. I am so happy that I found him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.A. (Review from Yelp)

I was referred to Dr Amron from a friend who had good results and I also did do some research online for liposculpture. I am a normal person who has never had any affiliation with Dr. Amron, just a woman who wanted to feel better about my body. I chose Dr. Amron after a year of contemplation on the surgery and many consults for comparison.

Several other doctors were too busy, either leaving me in the waiting room or did not have the extensive knowledge that Dr. Amron has. I only wanted to do this procedure ONE time and that was it. He does revisions too…which is a good indication he knows this procedure as a true expert. As a business woman myself, I felt that Dr. Amron was not only a man of integrity but of perfection, the entire surgery he walked me through each step patiently and honestly. He is truly a gifted surgeon. I can’t stress this enough! He called me the night before surgery to ease my fears and go over any concerns!!! wow!!!!!

Day of surgery,Ii felt like I was taken care of by all the staff and Dr. Amron. He is an artist and has a passion for liposculpture and it comes across. Dr. Amron is the only surgeon in LA that I believe is not about money, but about principle and doing what is right. He offers the honest approach in what needs to be contoured on your body. The surgery was under local and was virtually painless. Again, he informed me on everything he was doing each step of the way. Dr. Amron likes all his patients to have the knowledge of what they are doing and now I see the importance to this! The doctor called me that night after surgery and I can already see results that will look phenomenal!!! Small incisions too!!! I’m very happy. This man deserves to be known as the fabulous doctor he is. Highly recommend this doctor to anyone interested in liposculpture.

Michelle W.
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