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Dr. David Amron & Professional Staff

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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From the moment you walk into the office you feel special. The friendly staff are welcoming, helpful, and make sure you are very well taken care of. The nurse is a ray of sunshine every time to every patient! Dr. Amron is a brilliant, intuitive Doctor that takes the time to treat each patient as an individual and as if you were the most important person in the world. You can always trust that he is on the cutting edge of his field. I am so happy that I was referred to him a few years ago and would refer Dr. Amron without hesitation!!


Excellent service. Dr. Amron is an exceptional doctor – an expert at what he does with amazing bed-side manners. I am very happy with him. His staff is amazing as well – Deanna is always there to answer any questions that you may have! Great office staff! I would not go anywhere else.


BEST decision I have made in a longtime. Though I was wracked with nerves, I had been interviewing and researching the best doctor to perform lipo, and I made my decision almost immediately following meeting Dr. Amron.

Day of surgery couldn’t have gone smoother. It’s all done under local so you are awake the entire time, though they give you a sedative to take the edge off. This is important so Dr. Amron can have you move into different positions, so he can achieve the best results. He really is a perfectionist and his surgery manner is second to none. His every request is calm and gentle and he checks in to see how you are feeling while he is performing lipo. I honestly didn’t feel anything while he was doing the lipo suction, in fact I was surprised we were done, because I heard none of the sucking you often see and here on informational videos etc. The only discomfort I felt was one or two sensitive spots when he was introducing the tumescent fluid (the local anesthesia +).

I would not hesitate referring anyone to Dr. Amron and his staff for Lipo. It has been a great experience, I can’t wait to see the results unfold over the next few months, and all the time taken to research the best doctor paid off. Dr. Amron was honest in his approach, realistic in setting my expectations and nothing he said hasn’t come to fruition. I would trust this doctor with any procedure I might encounter in future.

Dr. Amron is truly second to none and not your ‘typical’ Beverly Hills Doctor. He truly cares about his craft and is 100% focused on his patients. Thanks to Dr. Amron and staff I can now get the body back that I enjoyed several years ago!

J.N. – Venice, CA

Dr. Amron and the wonderful staff at Spalding Drive:

I wanted to thank all of you for making my procedure such a painless and a pleasurable one! I have to admit I was a bit nervous walking into the office for the first time, but from the moment I was greeted at the front desk to then being taken back for my initial consultation, I was immediately put at ease! I cannot state enough just how impressed I am by all of you and the care that you bestow upon your patients. Dr. Amron, you made me feel instantly at ease and I greatly appreciated your honesty and your approach to the liposuction procedure. You evaluated my body type and my body structure and chose the best course of surgery to correct any areas of disproportion.

The procedure itself was basically painless (arms, flanks, lower abdomen, and outer thighs) and within a matter of hours I was walking around as though nothing had been done to me! I couldn’t believe it! The recovery process was painless and so easy to endure. I’d been expecting to feel sore and battered for days or weeks afterwards, but by the next night I was out to dinner and enjoying myself with friends!

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Amron and all of Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology to anyone interested in undergoing liposuction. Dr. Amron is truly an artist in his field. I cannot emphasize just how wonderfully he executed the entire procedure from the initial consultation, to the pre-op, to the operation itself! I’m still amazed by how easy it all was.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You’ve made me more comfortable in my own skin than I’d ever imagined possible! I love my new look my new body!

Best Wishes,

J.G. (Medical Sales)

I would like to start off by thanking the whole staff at Dr. Amron’s office. They really have the knowledge and a genuine way of helping you feel at ease when you walk into their office. I would like to say to anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery, rest assured Dr. Amron is a professional and not only does he educate you but he also envisions what your body will look like. I couldn’t be more proud and elated with my lipo results.

Thanks again,

T.S. (Interior Designer)

It has now been eight weeks since my liposuction, and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how this procedure has changed my life—all for the better. Thank you so very much for your skill, caring, and professionalism. Prior to making our first appointment with you, we investigated many plastic surgeons as to their reputation, qualifications, and results. Why? Because my body is very important to me, and I wanted the best. I wanted the body that I had when I was Miss Colombia for Tourism (some 20+ years ago). During my first consultation, you took the time necessary to explain every aspect of the liposuction procedure to me. But more importantly, you were realistic in your explanation of results to be expected. You were right when you told me that the surgery did not hurt and that I would see most of the results in six to eight weeks.

Let me tell you that my body now is better than I ever could have dreamed. You have changed my life in ways that I never thought were possible. Unlike some other patients, I am proud that I had liposuction and now have a sexy body (and a new wardrobe!). I tell everyone I know about my surgery and my wonderful doctor. I have more self-confidence and feel wonderful. And now I have the desire and excitement to have other procedures to counter the effects of gravity on my face and other parts. Thank you for making me a happy, sexy, and young woman again. My husband is ecstatic by my results. Thank you so very much. Again!

See you soon,

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