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Dr. David Amron & Professional Staff

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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Hi my name is Elle, I have been going to Dr. Amron for 7 years. I have to admit I do not agree with the reviews that I read on here. Dr. Amron is an artist.  he completely takes time with his patients no matter what the job is.  I have had Botox since I was age 38 I am now 44. Most people think I am around age 32, and on a good day age 27. I do take very good care of myself (facial regimens, work outs etc.) but this man does not make you look plastic, unmoving or fake.

The things I have had Dr. Amron do to me are: Botox, filler on my cheeks, fractal laser for slight scarring from acne and lastly I had a mini Lipo which took my 36 inch hips to a 35. it is been five years and my hips are still a 35. Yes I do be Bikram, Ballet, run and I eat healthy but his techniques definitely do work.  If you think you can have a perfect body and a perfect face by doing nothing except having a surgeon do lipo on you, I have news for you: you are living in fantasy land.

Having a healthy body takes work; it is not going to an office to be poked and hope for a perfect 10 result.  And lastly Dr. Amron is very kind, and has a wonderful soul. He’s a talented musician extremely educated.
if you want to look natural, beautiful and not look weird/ puffy like so many people do after having any kind of filler, try Dr. Amron. He is not cheap, but he does a fabulous job.

E.B. (Review from Yelp)

Dr Amron has an artistic eye for liposuction. When I came for consultation I didn’t tell him where I wanted to get liposuction. He didn’t ask either, instead, he told me what he thought I was a candidate for. I really liked that. And now when everything is said and done I look the way I always wanted to.

Brenda M.

I went to Dr. Amron last year after researching extensively to find the best surgeon for revision liposuction. I had liposuction several years ago by an extremely well respected plastic surgeon that left me with deformities on my inner and outer thighs. I had seen several surgeons after that for consultations to correct the deformities. None left me with a sense of great confidence.  In the consultation with Dr. Amron he very thoroughly went through the approach he would use to improve the contour of my legs. The previous surgery had been done too aggressively and left me with a strange shape to my legs.  Dr. Amron’s approach to correction involved re-contouring the entire leg as there was too much fullness in the front of my thighs and knees. In addition I was stripped of fat in my outer and inner thighs so his plan was to graft fat into the hollow areas. The surgery was about two hours during which I was awake, as he explained it was very important for me to be able to move around during the surgery.  It really was not painful in the least. I was instructed to take a two mile walk the day after surgery and felt surprisingly good, much better than when I had it done before under general anesthesia.  I pretty much right away noticed a much improved shape to my legs. It’s now been over a year and my legs look so much better and more natural.  I was extremely happy with the results and my choice of surgeon. He is amazing!!!

Paula G. (Review from Yelp)

Dr. Amron is simply the BEST in his field !!! I have been going to see Dr. David Amron for over ten years and have nothing but fabulous results ! His dedication to his work is obvious even if he is just performing a simple skin cancer check. He performed liposuction on me several years ago and I could not be more pleased with his explanation of the process and the results were amazing! He is so passionate about this subject and his theory of being awake and being able to flex and position me made my result that much better.

I had had some bad lipo 20 years before and, trust me as a 54 yr old woman, you want a lipo genius so you do not end up overdone or with sagging skin. He is very concerned about all issues at hand. He also preformed “fat grafting” at the same time, so he used my own fat that was sucked out, cleaned it and filled my lower face where I had lost much volume due to aging. 6 years later it is still there and I look years younger than I did before his magic of fat grafting. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Amron and the lovely staff at the Spalding Drive office.

Kelly K.

I had liposuction from a reputable plastic surgeon and to my dismay ended up with unsightly indentations and an unnatural physique. After intense research and multiple consultations, I decided to undergo a revision surgery with Dr. Amron. My results exceeded my already high expectations. Dr. Amron is a visual genius as well as a brilliant surgeon. My extensive research was well worth it. He is the top revision liposuction specialist in his field.


Dr. Amron did revision liposuction (including a fat transfer) to help repair damage done in a previous overly-aggressive liposuction by another plastic surgeon. Since the surgery was only days ago, I can’t comment yet on the long-term result, but I can say that even after two days, I look better than I did pre-surgery. After my first (botched) liposuction, I looked like someone had beaten me up, and the pain, swelling, lumpiness and discoloration were visible immediately and lasted for months. (The lumpiness and discoloration never went away– thus the need for revision).

After Dr. Amron’s surgery, I have no bruising, and minimal pain– more like the pain of a pulled muscle. Overall, both Dr. Amron and all his staff were friendly, professional and helpful. I came from the East Coast specifically to see Dr. Amron, and his staff did everything possible to accommodate the needs of a patient traveling long distance. I also felt that Dr. Amron did a good job explaining the pros and cons of everything, and not over-promising. The procedure was quite costly– more than $8000, not to mention the travel-related expenses. But if the long-term results are an improvement, I will consider it money very well spent.

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