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Dr. David Amron & Professional Staff

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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No matter how many of my friends said I did not need to do this, I did not listen. They do not live in my body. They are now all jealous, and see the amazing results. Now I feel sexy and young. My body has healed without ripples or bumps. Dr. Amron is a perfectionist. I cannot recommend him and his office highly enough.



Dr. Amron and his staff are wonderful! Dr. Amron is an expert at what he does and his staff is wonderful as well. Deanna is a gem always returning calls and answering questions!

Ani M.

As an educator, I am most aware of the fact that it is very important to work with the “whole” child. Not only is the academic component important, but also the social and emotional well being of each child is just as vital.

The same philosophy is true with Dr. Amron and his entire staff. Not only do they take care of the physical aspect of the procedure being done, but in addition, great concern is shown for the emotional well being of the patients.

Dr. Amron is very “gifted” and he utilizes both medical and artistic talent in achieving the best result. His entire staff is exemplary in the manner in which each patient is reassured and treated with great respect. I was very nervous, but not one moment of this experience was negative. The entire surgery center rates an “A.”


I will be back!! 🙂

Krista H.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the wonderful experience I had with you as my doctor. To begin with, I came to your office wondering about liposuction. I first met a lovely lady named Eve. She was so warm and nice and explained everything to me. So about half an hour later, I felt very comfortable about doing this procedure, which I have wanted to do for a long time. Besides reading about what a wonderful reputation you have and seeing pictures of your work, I realized that you were the doctor for me.

I came home really happy and excited. That next morning I called your office and spoke with Stephanie who was really kind to me and made me an appointment for my surgery.

The morning of my surgery, I was very excited and also very nervous. Everyone was really nice to me, and then I felt really comfortable.

It was fun talking to you and you explaining everything to me as you were doing the procedure. It was so painless (I could not wait to get rid of that extra fat!).

Oh yes, I remember how excited I was to see six pounds of fat that you took off. I came home and I was really happy and excited that it was done. I can state that there was no pain during and after the procedure.

Today, I feel great and have so much more confidence. Not only do I look better, I feel so grateful that you helped me achieve a goal that I wanted to do for a long time.

I must tell you that I have been to several doctors and you are by far the most honest and truthful doctor that I know. I thank you from my heart for everything you have helped me achieve.

Kindest Regards,


I just want to say, if you’re considering getting Liposuction then search no more!!! Dr. Amron is the surgeon for the job. I have struggled my entire life with problem areas in my body. I am a fit person. I work out all the time, eat healthy and nothing I did seemed to work with those areas. Saying that, you could imagine how nervous I felt when I finally realized that to get the results I wanted, lipo was my final hope.

I searched online for hours and hours and was not impressed with any of the doctors I found. I even went on a few consults and really was starting to feel very discouraged until FINALLY I found Dr. Amron’s site, Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. When I read his bio I was super impressed with his honesty and knowledge. Especially with the fact that he specializes in lipo!! Suddenly I felt excited to think that what I was beginning to think was the impossible was going to be possible. I live in San Diego and, regardless, I made my consultation. I was so delighted to see Dr. Amron wasn’t too good to be true. He and his staff are the real deal . The staff was very friendly and accommodating! Dr. Amron was everything I was looking for! Smart, honest, confident and is a wonderful spirit! He made me feel very comfortable and confident to know I would be in good hands.

The day of surgery I was a little anxious, considering. Obviously, not with Dr. Amron, just normal nerves. He and his surgery staff were amazing!! I felt very safe and had complete trust. They made me feel sooooo comfortable before, during and after the surgery. I mean above and beyond in every way.

My recovery was just as he said and things are going great! It’s been about 4 weeks and I already see a big change, which makes me very excited to see my final results!! I’m going to finally have the hot body I have been working so hard all these years for, lol! Seriously! So THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH DR. AMRON and everyone at Spalding!

Beach D.
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