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Dr. David Amron & Professional Staff

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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Dr. Amron is one of the most “to-the-point” doctors I have come across. Being a top-10 university grad, I did my fair share of research and shopping and I had a lot of doctors over-exaggerate the results that I would achieve. Dr. Amron, on the other hand, was very realistic and told me what would be attainable. This was refreshing as I knew that I could trust Dr. Amron. I did not feel that Dr. Amron was trying to sell his services to me as is common in this industry. Instead, he treated me with dignity and after a thorough consultation allowed me to decide for myself if I felt that he would be the best fit for me. That he was! His entire staff is incredibly friendly and professional. I never had to wait long for a call back from the office as they were always on top of things unlike many other office I have dealt with, *sigh*. Jacolyn is amazing and was there for me from start to finish. Dr. Nassif, an amazingly gifted surgeon and Dr. Amron’s partner, comforted my mother as she was in the waiting room during my procedure. (My mom is a worry-wart!) However, as she soon realized, I was in good hands as Dr. Amron’s craft is truly unparalleled and his bedside manner incredible. He is THE Beverly Hills doctor, and this is well known in and around town and for good reason. He made me feel comfortable and I am beyond ecstatic with the end result! Enough GUSHING…Bottom line, I look freakin’ HOTT! I Miss you Dr. Amron!!



Always great!!! Love Dr. Amron, so talented!!!

Alison I.

Had a good experience, very friendly staff. Jocalyn was there from the beginning of the process until the end. I’m so glad I chose Dr. Amron. Can’t wait to see results.

Danisha P.

I just wanted to let you know that I could not be happier since having done liposuction! Having been a Playboy playmate, I am extremely self-conscious. When I could not lose the extra fat that we women get around our hip area, even with exercise, my self-esteem hit an all-time low. Once I had surgery I could not believe how quickly I healed. I walked two miles recommended the day after my surgery and four miles the next day. I was back in the gym in no time. Two and a half weeks after my surgery, all of my bruising was gone! I had very little pain and did not need any painkillers. Since my surgery, I can now wear clothing with a renewed confidence and love to put on a swimsuit. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner! Many thanks to you and your staff for your kindness and understanding.



I just had to write to you following my treatment last week. After months of searching for the right Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, I saw you on UK television. I immediately called your office and spoke to Jade (who was most helpful). She put me through to you on the telephone. After speaking with you I had great confidence in the practice and decided to book an appointment with you. Since we were coming from the UK we had to link flights and hotels with the right appointment times. Despite this being many e-mail and phone calls for your staff to attend to, they were very helpful and nothing was too much trouble for them. When we arrived at your practice, the staff was as friendly and pleasant in person as they had been on the telephone. The day of surgery quickly arrived. I was put at ease very quickly. The staff was so professional and confident that any fears I had were quickly expelled. All of my questions were answered and I became very relaxed.

After surgery I went home. I expected to have some pain the next day but nothing. I could walk around, even jog without any pain the next day. Absolutely unbelievable!! I am now back in England. I can see a tremendous difference after only a week. My wife and I are both amazed at the results. You said it would take about six weeks to really notice a difference, but I am really impressed by the results already. My family and friends have already commented on how good I look. In fact after shouting your praises, I am sure everyone in my area will be booking flights to see you soon. Thank you so much for giving me the body I wanted. You are a genius.

Kind Regards,


I remember when I first visited The Spalding Surgery Center reading testimonials and wondering whether they were real. Well three months later I have had my operation and am writing one myself. I am delighted to write this testimonial. I am very grateful to Dr. Amron as he has helped give me a body at 43 years of age better than the one I had at 23. (In fact it took him an hour and a half to achieve what I had been trying to attain for over 20 years) I, therefore have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Amron for I believe him to be a surgeon of great talent and to be the best in his field.

I have spent years working out in a gym and trying to lose that ‘extra weight’ around my middle. Interestingly, I was always at the lower end of the acceptable weight range for my height/frame in fact often I was deemed to be a few pounds underweight. But it was very obvious to me that I had ‘grown up’ disproportionately and that I should not be carrying this weight around my middle. To me, it felt unhealthy and not particularly attractive.

This year I was watching a program in the UK called ‘Brand New You’ and there was Dr. Amron describing/performing the exact type of surgery I envisioned would be suitable for resolving my ‘problem area’. I therefore took the opportunity while on holiday in LA in June this year to have a consultation. When discussing with Dr. Amron and a couple of the staff my plan of ‘flying in and out’ of Los Angeles to undertake this surgery they were obviously not concerned… and that for me was a good indication of how confident they were, how safe the operation was and also how it was not likely to be disabling in any way.

I undertook all the pre-operation procedures in the UK with no problems. I then flew here on August 1st and undertook the surgery on August 3rd. I flew back to London on August 6th. Here are some key points that I think are of interest to the reader:

i) I can already see, only two and a half weeks after the operation that it has been a complete success and I wish I had undertaken it sooner. I feel far more comfortable with my shape and my clothes look/feel better on me. Life has become so much easier and less expensive for me as I do not have to spend time and money on trying to ‘cover up’ my waist and abdomen areas, for I can wear near enough anything now.

ii) The operation itself, although being an unusual sensation was without any pain and no real discomfort at all. It was carried out under local anesthetic and I was chatting with Dr. Amron and the nurses as if we were at Starbucks having coffee.

The worst part for me of the whole procedure was once I had come ‘home’ that I had to keep changing the dressings on the insertions as the operation fluid was leaking out but that only lasted till 11pm that night and by then the insertions had closed.

The following day I walked about three miles in the Hollywood Hills and felt great. The swelling had gone down substantially and if I had had to go to work that day I would have been able to. Bruising and swelling has been really minimal, far less than I expected. All the staff at Spalding Drive Cosmetic and Dermatology were very helpful, kind and reassuring and not once did I feel worried or concerned. Just two and a half weeks after the operation I seem to already be back to normal except for a tiny bit of sensitivity around my abdomen. The insertions are now just slight red marks and are fading very fast. I have been working out in the gym with no problem and I could already wear a bikini with complete confidence that no one would even notice that I had had surgery. Dr. Amron really does rock.

Yours in good faith,

L.H. – London, UK
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