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Facial Liposuction | Face, Chin and Cheeks

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

I am so excited about what you have done for me. Your talent, artistry and mastery have helped me to achieve the face I’ve always wanted, but never had. As a result, not only do I look 15-20 years younger, I look better than I ever, originally did. Aside from expertly correcting the time lines and sags, you gave me the cheek bones that I have always wanted. And all this without surgery! I couldn’t be happier. I no longer suffer the invisible effects of looking old and plain. I now exist, I feel alive. Younger as well as older men always notice me, smile and automatically say, “Hi”. Men I have known, cross the room to greet me and say, “I lend class to the occasion”. I am amazed and tremendously pleased. Seeing you, Dr. Amron, was the best thing I could have done for myself. Thank you so much. I can only hope that other women will avail themselves of your expertise to look and feel as great as I do.

Susan G.

Thank you so much for my fabulous cheeks they look terrific! You are an artist with such perfection. This liposuction procedure was a piece of cake, well worth it. I can’t begin to thank you enough. It’s really funny how such a small procedure could make such a big difference, but it really did. I can’t wait to share this wonderful experience with my friends.

Thank you again,


It was a pleasure meeting you the other day. I was so excited for my tumescent liposuction procedure. Seriously, I couldn’t sleep for weeks. Anyway, the day finally came and I was so happy. I must tell you what a gorgeous job you did on my body and such a spectacular job on my cheeks. I never thought you could put fat in cheeks!! What a difference. Boy I love it. The pain was minimal and most worth it. Can’t wait to show the world how happy and grateful I am with my new body and face.

Kindest regards,

S. (One Happy Camper)