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Revision Liposuction

Following are excerpts from thank you notes our patients have sent us!

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I had liposuction from a reputable plastic surgeon and to my dismay ended up with unsightly indentations and an unnatural physique. After intense research and multiple consultations, I decided to undergo a revision surgery with Dr. Amron. My results exceeded my already high expectations. Dr. Amron is a visual genius as well as a brilliant surgeon. My extensive research was well worth it. He is the top revision liposuction specialist in his field.


Dr. Amron did revision liposuction (including a fat transfer) to help repair damage done in a previous overly-aggressive liposuction by another plastic surgeon. Since the surgery was only days ago, I can’t comment yet on the long-term result, but I can say that even after two days, I look better than I did pre-surgery. After my first (botched) liposuction, I looked like someone had beaten me up, and the pain, swelling, lumpiness and discoloration were visible immediately and lasted for months. (The lumpiness and discoloration never went away– thus the need for revision).

After Dr. Amron’s surgery, I have no bruising, and minimal pain– more like the pain of a pulled muscle. Overall, both Dr. Amron and all his staff were friendly, professional and helpful. I came from the East Coast specifically to see Dr. Amron, and his staff did everything possible to accommodate the needs of a patient traveling long distance. I also felt that Dr. Amron did a good job explaining the pros and cons of everything, and not over-promising. The procedure was quite costly– more than $8000, not to mention the travel-related expenses. But if the long-term results are an improvement, I will consider it money very well spent.


It is my professional opinion that I, Cynthia Bartholmey Kipnis, a certified Dr. Vodder lymphatic therapist truly believe in Dr. Amron’s work. For over 10 years I have specialized in lymphatic massage for cosmetic and reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation, facelifts and liposuction. My clients travel all over the world to find the best doctors and deals. Unfortunately, they do not always get the best results.

Dr. David Amron’s work is the most exquisite and is always flawless!. I so enjoy working on his patients because they heal faster and need only a minimum lymphatic session before they are wearing a swimsuit on a beach in Hawaii. You are in greats hands with Dr. Amron!

Cynthia B. Kipnis, Certified Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Therapist
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