Top 5 Reasons Gimmicky Lipo Alternatives are Too-Good-to-be-True

Aspiring for a flawless figure is nothing new, however, many self-proclaimed miracle procedures and machines are. Before opting for the next fat-melting, body-shaping fad be sure to weigh your options, and get the skinny on liposuction alternatives.

1. It’s a high price to pay. Many procedures claiming to diminish fat with the flick of a button or a zap of the laser are exactly as they seem – too good to be true. Because many of these procedures are so new to the market they have yet to run their course with significant testing. Not only do patients run the risk of wasting their money on a procedure that might not work, there is also a risk of unforeseen complications which can cost a fortune in revision or medical attention.

2. Diet and exercise may be the true solution. Liposuction, along with many other procedures, is not necessarily a solution for overweight individuals. Most fat can be targeted through diet and exercise alone. For those small disproportioned areas that cannot be reached through exercise and diet, liposuction experts like Dr. David Amron suggest pure tumescent liposuction – a completely safe and time-tested procedure that requires little recovery.

3. The machine won’t matter if the person operating it is not a specialist. Many patients feed on the impulse, rather than research and results. It is easy to become “sold on” a new machine that promises a perfect body, but even if that machine is everything it promises to be, it won’t make a difference unless the doctor behind it is experienced and knowledgeable.

4. Lack of control. Because many new procedures that claim to “melt” fat away are in fact machines, the patient surrenders a level of control. Contrarily, a liposuction procedure requires no guessing and no estimation. A specialist is able to control and manipulate the fat to sculpted perfection.

5. Temporary vs. permanent fat removal. Unlike most liposuction alternatives, both pure tumescent liposuction and traditional liposuction provide a permanent solution to disproportioned storage of fat on the body. While patients seeking lipo alternatives may gain the fat back within weeks, liposuction ensures fat cells will never return to the treated area.

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