What Is Liposonix?

One of the newest, and what has quickly become one of the most popular, forms of cosmetic surgery is a variation on traditional liposuction using laser technology, known as Liposonix. The procedure uses a specially designed machine that eliminates much of the suction involved in traditional liposuction and instead uses high-intensity ultrasound energy to bombard and destroy fat at the cellular level. Due to the use of laser energy and a cannula that houses fiber optics rather than being connected to a vacuum, Liposonix provides patients with a less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction that can provide astonishing results with only a single treatment.

For patients who have adopted healthy eating habits and regular exercise, but still have fat deposits that do not respond, liposuction was once billed as the only solution, but Liposonix has stepped in to offer a safe and effective alternative for patients who are weary of traditional liposuction methods.

Utilizing focused ultrasound energy to destroy fat in hard to address areas, like the abdomen and love handles, Liposonix allows the body to natural dispose of fat tissue through it’s own waste processing system and can provide a reduction of one full belt size or more that falls off naturally within the span of a few months. More than 90% of patients report a flatter abdomen after the single treatment.

Compared to traditional liposuction, many doctors feel that Liposonix poses a reduced risk, while still providing excellent results. Patients must remember that Liposonix is still considered a surgical procedure and some side effects are expected. Minor discomfort, warm and cold prickling or tingling sensations are not uncommon, but do not pose any risk. Other side effects like bruising, swelling, and redness are minor and also require no medical attention. Dr. David Amron will provide antibiotic and painkiller prescriptions to assure patients’ wellbeing and most patients tolerate the procedure very well.

If you have been considering liposuction and have not yet made the decision, contact Dr. Amron today for a personal consultation and to learn more about the possible benefits that Liposonix can provide.


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